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[OPIRG-EVENTS] LOCATION CONFIRMED -- Stop the Attacks! Iraq Action PlanningMeeting

The Network to Oppose War and Racism/ Pacte contre l'agression, 
l'intolerance at la xenophobie (NOWAR/PAIX)

would like to invite you to an

Iraq Action Planning Meeting

Wednesday, 18 September, 2002 6:00 PM
342 Tory Building, Carleton University
(behind the University Centre - number 1 on the map at 

The "War On Terror" is progressing in the Philippines, Palestine, and 
elsewhere; plans to extend it to other countries are underway at the 
moment; the drums of war with Iraq are loudly beating. NOWAR-PAIX is 
calling a planning meeting for Wednesday, 18 Sept., 6:00 at 342 Tory 
Building, Carleton University. The purpose is to mobilize opposition 
to an escalated attack on Iraq aimed at regime change as part of a 
broader plan being advanced under the "War On Terror." We'd like your 

Here is a proposed agenda for the meeting:

1. Introductions
2. Summary of the ideas discussed at NOWAR-PAIX so far
3. Brainstorming of possible actions: direct action, protest, theme 
march, teach-in, contingency plans to mobilize if war plans escalate. 
Others? Who do we target? What do we ask for? How will we respond to 
the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism - USA) call for 
Saturday, 26 Oct. as an internationally coordinated Day of Mass 
Actions against war on Iraq?
4. Concrete proposals and action plan.
5. Assignments to implement the plan.

On the whole, we are starting from scratch. Below, you will find a 
proposal for a teach-in that is the only idea now in writing.


(perhaps 26 October (day of ANSWER's call out for opposition to war 
on Iraq)) Why does the United States keep bombing everyone? Why is 
Iraq in its crosslines? Is the "War on Terrorism" the greater terror? 
How does the "War on Terror" relate to corporate globalisation? These 
and other questions arise from the growing crisis of a U.S. lead war 
on terrorism, whose next scheduled step is "regime-change" in Iraq.

Bringing (local, regional?) various groups together to work on a 
project that allows their different voices to name and analyse the 
inter-related issues, as well as the many ways people can act to 
effectively respond to the crisis, could be a useful next step to 
build public awareness on these issues and to increase our capacity 
to take effective action together. One project that might create such 
an opportunity would be a one-day teach-in. An event of this sort 
would allow many groups to collaborate, it could develop a range of 
responses to this war, and it would raise local interest in these 
issues. This kind of project can help draw together people interested 
in initiating actions that will build solid public resistance to US 
war action (including the planned escalation in the war on Iraq) and 
the global relations that it is both helping to establish and being 
driven by.
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