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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Next campaign meeting to oppose the war on Iraq

The next meeting for the campaign to fight against a US/UK lead war on Iraq  
or rather war on Iraq in general  is on Oct 3rd at the Routhier Community 
Centre, 172 Guigues St, for 7 - 9m on Thursday October 3rd.  Location is 
described below.

This is a campaign that started a couple of weeks ago  and a few 
actions/features/elements of the campaign are being organized via email  the 
next meeting to touch base. We are also trying to collectively facilitate 
larger mobilizations on the local level  Canada is sounding more like we 
will be joining in such a war every day and action is needed right away. If 
you would like to get on the list of emails that we use to communicate to 
each other  please let Jo know at jwood@ccs.carleton.ca

The Routhier Community Centre is located:

- near the Byward Market
- between Dalhousie and King Edward 
- between St. Patrick and St. Andrew
- corner of Guigues and Cumberland

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