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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Dallaire to receive WFC World Peace Award, Saturday

World Federalists of Canada proudly announce:

Lt. Gen. Romeo Dallaire is the 2002 recipient of the World 
Federalists of Canada World Peace Award, Ottawa Saturday October 5. 
The award will be presented by the Hon. Flora MacDonald, WFC 

also this weekend:

"Civil Society Initiatives for International Justice and Sustainable 
Development": This public lecture - and our keynote address - will be 
shared by Elizabeth May (Sierra Club of Canada) and Bill Pace 
(Convener, Coalition for the International Criminal Court). Friday, 
October 4

And workshops galore:

* What's next for the International Criminal Court?     
* The Responsibility to Protect:  The Report of the International 
Commission of Intervention and State Sovereignty 
* International Sustainable Development Governance Following the UN 
World Summit for Sustainable Development

Contact us for details.
Telephone: (613) 232-0647


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