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[OPIRG-EVENTS] A Simplicity circle for you? Starts Oct 8

Simplicity Circles

Feeling stressed, joyless, overworked, overwhelmed, spiritually
depleted, distracted with many things? A Simplicity Circle may be just
the thing for you!

What is voluntary simplicity?
 It is “a way of life, which is outwardly simply and inwardly rich"
(Duane Elgin, in Voluntary Simplicity, 1993). “It means an ordering of
our energy and our desires, a partial restraint in some directions in
order to secure greater abundance of life in other directions" (Richard
Gregg, “Voluntary Simplicity”, 1936).

Simple living begins in a personal exploration of what is most
meaningful to us. The result is personal action which often reconnects
us with traditional values such as thrift, self reliance, deeper
relationships, social responsibility and our spiritual roots.   Other
spin-offs of choosing to live more simply are: reduction of clutter and
social over-commitment; increase in  personal awareness (mindfulness);
cooperation with the Earth, others beings and other people; and choosing
more Earth-friendly forms of transportation, food production, housing
and entertainment.  It also helps us rediscover more joy in every day

Why practice voluntary simplicity?
People are attracted to pursue simpler living for many reasons. Some of
these are: job stress, no time for spouse or children, no energy for
pleasure after meeting the demands of work, no opportunity to contribute
to community or social or political causes, deteriorating physical or
emotional health, financial stress, oppressive debts,  concern for what
our consumer lifestyle is doing to the environment, a longing for joy
and soul satisfaction.

Whatever the reason, you will be welcome at the upcoming Simplicity
Circle, starting Tuesday, Oct 8, 9:15– 11:30 at Centrepointe  House.
Format is geared to participants needs and includes readings, videos,
personal reflection, small action steps and progress reports in a circle
of accepting and affirming friends.  Cost (includes handouts and organic
snacks) is $40 for 8 sessions, or what you can afford. Evening group a
possibility.  To register, call Isobel, 820-0598.

Isobel McGregor
49 Evergreen Drive
Nepean ON   K2H 6C5
Tel/Fax (613) 820-0598

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons
and daughters of the Earth.
We do not weave the web of life, we are merely strands in it.  Whatever
we do to the web we do
to ourselves.    Chief Seattle, 1854 (Adapted).

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