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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Sat NOWAR/PAIX march - No War on Iraqi People!

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The next Saturday NOWAR/PAIX march will again focus on
the campaign to fight against the war on Iraq – an
expansion of the so-called war on terror and an
escalation of the decade-long war on the Iraqi people.

With Canadian government now having clearly taken the
position that UN Lead war is just fine, and lending
support for US maneuvers at UN, our focus is on the
Canadian government and the complacently/involvement
they pledge in our name. The question of whether
Canada will once again join in the war is still open
(at least publicly) – but today the Globe and Mail
reported that Defence Minister John McCallum said
“Canada is ready to back a UN-sponsored war against
Iraq with a "sizeable" military commitment.”

This has great implications for the future of the UN
and of course the 25 million people in Iraq who are
increasingly referred to by our Prime Minister and the
Canadian media simply as ‘Saddam Hussein’.

For those of you who were interested in signing a post
card – they will be available on Saturday.  The post
card pledges resistance to Canadian support on an
attack on Iraq. To be clear, this card does not tell
the government that an attack is fine so long as the
US manages to maneuver a new UN resolution
guaranteeing a war – a maneuver that Canada is one of
the few countries supporting that the moment.

The march starts at noon at the corner of York and
Sussex, on Saturday Oct. 5th. It will then travel
through the market and finally to Parliament Hill. 
Please bring your signs, noise makers and outrage!!!!

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