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[OPIRG-EVENTS] "Introduction to Linux Networking" -- Free Technology Seminar

Although it is "introductory", i would assume you need a basic level of
tech knowledge with the linux operating system.

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Subject: [oclug-announce] "Introduction to Linux Networking" -- Free
Technology Seminar
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 10:48:44 -0400 (EDT)
From: Vic Gedris <vic@gedris.org>
Organization: OCLUG - http://oclug.on.ca/
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              ANNOUNCING:  Introduction to Linux Networking

Topic:     Introcduction to Linux Networking
Date:      Thursday October 24, 2002
Time:      6:30-8:30pm  (Come a bit early for drinks and snacks)
Cost:      Free (Donations to OCLUG appreciated)
Location:  ExitCertified, 85 Albert St., Suite 1200, Ottawa.
Map:       http://ca.maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?addr=85+Albert+St.&csz=ottawa&Country=ca


This is one of a series of Linux-related Technology Seminars to be
presented by the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) and
ExitCertified.  ExitCertified has generously made their classroom space
available to OCLUG, to be used for training sessions and other events.


This month you will learn the basics of networking with Linux,
  * Basic TCP/IP networking theory
  * How to set up networking on a Linux box
  * Simple routing
  * Troubleshooting, common networking commands, and more...

Students who attend this session should learn enough to be able to
attend the upcoming Firewall and FreeS/WAN classes.


Jean-Serge Gagnon

Jean-Serge Gagnon's first exposure to computers was in 1985 when he did
Z80 assembler on a Sinclair ZX81 and on a TRS-80 Model III. He's been
working in the IT industry for 11 years, starting out as a Hardware
Technician, then as a Systems Analyst where he developed the PostScript
Processing Speed Test [http://www.gaaj.com/ppst/], a benchmark
performance tool for PostScript printers and interpreters which is still
in use today. Next he was a Linux Web Interface developer and most
recently he was cofounder of Newlix Corporation, a company building a
Linux based appliance OS. Newlix was shut down due to lack of VC funding
in June of 2001, but he continues to promote the original flagship
product, the Newlix OfficeServer [http://www.gaaj.com/officeserver/], an
easy to install Linux based network appliance OS.


Registration for this class is on a first-come first-served basis.  If
you are interested in attending, please email:  vic(at)gedris.org
with the following template:

Please sign up ASAP, as space will be limited to 23 people.  These classes
always fill up very quickly!

You can bring your own laptop if you'd like to.  Network connectivity
might be
available, but is not guaranteed.

Please make sure you attend if you sign up.  If you must cancel, email
me so I can make the spot available to someone else.


OCLUG and ExitCertified plan to continue this series of technology
courses.  We plan on holding one session per month, with various topics
and skill levels covered.  If you are interested in leading a training
session, or have a good idea for one, please contact vic(at)gedris.org
to arrange something.

November 2002:   Linux Firewalls
January 2003:    FreeS/WAN

Some potential future topics include:

  - The Linux command shell, part II
  - Beginner shell scripting, advanced shell scripting
  - System administration
  - Setting up a cluster (beowulf, numa, etc)
  - make
  - cvs
  - autoconf
  - X Windows, xdm
  - KDE
  - Compare and contrast the different distros
  - Kernel modules
  - Distributing software as RPMs and/or Debian packages.
  - Various programming tutorials
Volunteers are needed to teach these classes!


ExitCertified is an Authorized Sun Education Centre and the only
training company in Canada to focus solely on providing Sun technology
education and certification.

Serving IT professionals, government agencies and corporate clients,
ExitCertified specializes in delivering Solaris(tm) Operating
Environment, Networking & Security, Server & Storage Systems and
Java(tm) Technology training.  Courses offered relate to industry
recognized Sun Professional Certification programs.

For more information about ExitCertified or to view an upcoming course
schedule visit:


The Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group promotes and supports the use of
Linux at the local community level in Ottawa.

Founded in March 1997, OCLUG holds monthly general meetings and other
special events.  Membership in OCLUG is diverse from newbies to the
proverbial Gurus.  OCLUG was created to help promote Linux in the
Ottawa area and maintains several mailing lists to help accomplish
this goal.

For more information about the group and its activities, please visit
our website located at:  http://www.oclug.on.ca/

Vic Gedris           vic-at-gedris.org           http://vic.dyndns.org/

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