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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Monday a.m. CKCU-FM interview with former CIA spy on the topic of 9-11, failure of U.S. intelligence, and prospects for global intelligence reform

*apologies for cross postings*

Hi All,

FYI, I had a chance to interview former CIA spy
and international intelligence reformist Robert
Steele at the CASIS conference last weekend (see
below for more information on Robert Steele and
the conference).  It will be broadcast Monday
October 7 between 7 and 8 a.m. on CKCU 93.1 FM.  

I don't usually advertise my radio show like this
but this interview is, I think, particularly
insightful.  As someone from within the
security/intelligence establishment what he had
to say surprised me.

If you're out of the listening range you may hear
it on Real Audio via CKCU's website at

Tune in and enjoy!

In solidarity,

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 /CNW/ -- The Canadian
Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
(http://www.sfu.ca/igs/CASIS/) is bringing former
American spy and international intelligence
reformist Robert Steele in to speak about 9-11,
the failure of U.S. intelligence, and prospects
for global intelligence reform.  Steele will
speak at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 27 September,
from 1430-1500. 

Steele, a 25-year veteran of the national
security community, was one of the first Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations officers
assigned full-time to the terrorist target.  He
served three clandestine tours in Latin America,
one in a combat zone, and three additional
clandestine tours based out of Washington,
including one managing offensive
counterintelligence operations against a denied
area country.

"America gets the government -- and the
intelligence service -- it deserves," Steele
says.  "If citizens are unwilling to pay
attention to foreign affairs, to vote, and to
demand the best intelligence collection,
analysis, counterintelligence and covert action
capabilities that our great Nation is capable of,
then 9-11 will happen again."

"Canadians, on the other hand, need to be acutely
aware that they are dependent on an American
group of uncooperative and largely ineffective
organizations that are obsessed with secret
technical collection against a handful of rogue
nations, and largely lacking in expert humans
with multi-cultural skills."

"Canada has to come to grips with the fact that
the Americans are out of touch with reality and
unable to properly monitor instability, illegal
immigration, disease, water and energy shortages,
genocide, or fundamental economics in the Third
World.  Canada must work with the United Nations
as well as the emerging European intelligence
community and the private sector, if it is to
meet its intelligence needs."
The Canadian Association for Security and
Intelligence Studies (CASIS) is a nonpartisan,
voluntary association established in 1985. Its
principal purpose is to provide informed debate
in Canada on security and intelligence issues.
Membership is open and currently includes
academics, concerned citizens, government
officials, journalists, lawyers, students, as
well as former intelligence officers.
Web site:  http://www.oss.net


For further information:  Robert Steele of OSS,
+1-703-242-1700; or
Stuart Farson of the  Canadian Association for
Security and 
Intelligence Studies, farson@sfu.ca

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