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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Oct.9-17: Ottawa - City Consultation on Pesticide Reduction Options

Please come  out and support a by-law to ban the COSMETIC USE OF PESTICIDES
Lawn-Care Companies are against it but most Citizens in Ottawa want it.

From the City of Ottawa Development Services Department - seven public
meetings to invite comments from the community on options to reduce the use
of pesticides in the City  of Ottawa. 

Meetings from 7pm to 9pm (with option to extend):

Wednesday  October 9th  Fred Barrett Arena Leitrim Road (English)
Thursday  October 10th  Cumberland Library 1599 Tenth Line (English)
Thursday October 10th   Jim Durrell Arena  1265 Walkley Rd. (English)
Tuesday October 15th    Kanata Client Service Centre 580 Terry Fox (English)
Wednesday October 16th  Lansdowne Park 1015 Bank St. (English)
Thursday October 17th   Cumberland Library 1599 Tenth Line (French)
Thursday October 17th   Ben Franklin Place 101 Centrepointe Dr. (English)

The format for the evening will be a formal presentation by staff, 
and an open discussion following the presentation.  Bilingual 
information will be available at all meetings.  There will be a 
moderator for each of the meetings.

The four options to be presented are:

Option 1.
Continue the present public education and awareness campaign on 
reducing pesticide use and promoting the use of alternative pest 
control methods for lawn and garden care, at the existing level. 

Option 2.
Expand the present public education and awareness campaign by 
incorporating a larger public/private outreach, including dedicated 
specialist staff.

Option 3.
Option 1 or 2 PLUS a requirement for a commitment from industry for 
self-regulation through voluntary compliance to established standards 
such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) accreditation.

Option 4.
Enacting restrictive municipal regulations such as pesticide use 
reduction by-laws.

You may send written submissions on pesticide reduction options. The
deadline for submissions on the comment sheets is October 22nd, to:

E-mail to: <pesticide@ottawa.ca>
Mail to:
Robert Barkwell
Planning, Environment and Infrastructure Policy Branch
Development Services Department
City of Ottawa
2 Constellation Crescent, 4th Floor
Nepean, Ontario   K2G 5J9


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