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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fw: next Ottawa anti-war against Iraq group meeting - Thurs. Oct. 10th @ 7 pm

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From: Len Bush <lbush@nupge.ca>
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Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 8:30 PM
Subject: next Ottawa anti-war against Iraq group meeting - Thurs. Oct. 10th
@ 7 pm

> My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this posting.
> The next meeting for the campaign to fight against a war on Iraq
> is:
> Thursday Oct 10th
> Routhier Community Centre
> in the Kitchen
> 172 Guigues St,
> 7 - 9m
> General directions to centre are below.
> Tentative agenda to follow later.
> This is a campaign that started a couple of weeks ago  and a few
> actions/features/elements of the campaign are being organized via email -
> the next meeting to touch base. We are also trying to collectively
> facilitate  larger mobilizations on the local level - Canada is sounding
> more like we will be joining in such a war every day and action is needed
> right away. If you would like to get on the list of emails that we use to
> communicate to each other - please let Jo know at jwood@ccs.carleton.ca
> The Routhier Community Centre is located:
> - near the Byward Market
> - between Dalhousie and King Edward
> - between St. Patrick and St. Andrew
> - corner of Guigues and Cumberland

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