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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Radical knit night--> Nov. 7

Attention knitters -- past, present and future:

It's time to pick up the thread of the World March of Women's Ottawa
radical knitting circle.

So drop in at the Arrow and Loon pub (Bank & 5th Ave) on Thursday, November
7th between 7 and 9 p.m. for a chance to meet, mingle and knit. All are

The idea is to get a regular (once-monthly) informal gathering going. A
place to knit, learn to knit, share tips, socialize and plan the revolution.

One possible idea is to start a new radical knitting project, in
partnership with the Calgary Revolutionary Knitting Circle. Folks out there
are considering knitting a giant barricade to be used in an action
targeting the private hospital that's opened in the city. 

With a for-profit mental health facility in the planning stages at the
Royal Ottawa Hospital, we could contribute to a shared (Ottawa-Calgary)
privatization barricade, or knit our own. It would be great to share any
lessons learned from the G8 experience about the trials and tribulations of
knitting giant things.....

I'll bring some spare needles & yarn, for people who'd like to learn to knit.

Email me at karin.jordan@sympatico.ca with any questions. 

See you on the 7th!


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