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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Saturday March Against the Threat of Further War Against Iraq and in Solidarity with US Activists

This weeks Network to Oppose War and Racism,
(NOWAR/PAIX) march will be in solidarity with Peace
activists in the United States marching on Washington.
The US group Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER)
has called for a national march on Washington in the
US on Saturday October 26th. We endorse their demands
to the US government. In their call out, they
accurately point out that almost every government
opposes Bush’s planned war of aggression. Sadly, they
are not referring to Canada, one of the US
administrations quiet supporters. As the people’s
movement in the US grows bigger and louder refusing
Bush’s – we stand in solidarity and support.  

We will meet in the market at the corner of York and
Sussex, at 12 noon, on Saturday 26th. We have banners
and flyers – but welcome your banners, signs, music
and outrage.

ANSWER’s call to action in Washington is below,
followed by a description of NOWAR/PAIX here in
Ottawa. I wanted to list of endorses for the
Washington march, but as of Oct 14th there were
HUNDREDS of groups/organizations listed and their site
reported that they have not been able to keep up with
endorsing groups. WE STAND WITH ALL OF THEM.

Rally @ 11 am
Constitution Gardens adjacent to the
Vietnam Veterans War Memorial
21st St. & Constitution Ave. NW
**March to the White House**

11 am at Justin Herman Plaza
The Bush administration is rushing towards war. The
time to act is now. The people of the United States
can stop this madness. 

World public opinion and almost every government
opposes Bush's planned war of aggression. But it will
take a mass peoples' movement--in the streets,
workplaces, communities, campuses and high schools--to
stop the coming war. 

On Saturday, October 26, 2002 -- the first anniversary
of the signing of the so-called Patriot Act --
anti-war, civil rights, labor, student and other
forces are joining together to launch a massive
international mobilization in opposition to a new war
against the people of Iraq. Mass marches and rallies
will be held in Washington DC and San Francisco in the
U.S., and in many other countries. 

As the Bush administration violates international law
it has been systematically engaged in a campaign of
division and repression in the United States including
a wholesale assault on the Bill of Rights,
institutionalization of racial profiling, and
aggregation of near dictatorial powers to the
Executive branch. 

In articulating the so-called doctrine of preemptive
war, the Bush administration is preparing to violate
all existing international law and the UN charter
which forbids countries to carry out war except in the
case of self-defense. Preemption is merely a slogan to
justify a foreign policy of armed aggression and
military adventure. 

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and company are
planning to send tens of thousands of young GIs to
kill and be killed in another war for Big Oil.
Simultaneously, the Bush Administration is diverting
billions of dollars to feed military conquest and away
from jobs, education, healthcare, childcare and

The so-called debate that is opening now to public
view from within the political establishment presents
a necessity for all anti-war forces to become a major
factor in generating an authentic opposition to U.S.
war plans in the Middle East. The October 26 National
March in Washington DC and joint action in San
Francisco come just one week before midterm
Congressional elections. 

There won't be a real national debate on a planned
invasion of Iraq until the people are in the streets.
We can't leave it to the military establishment to
decide when and how they will go to war and to define
the debate. We must tell Bush and his corporate and
Big Oil patrons that we will not allow this to happen.

This war can be stopped. Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney,
Wolfowitz and company can be stopped. But the
essential element must be the mobilization of a
massive new anti-war movement in the streets. We call
for civilians and soldiers alike to exercise their
political right to speak out against an illegal war.
On October 26, there will be a National March in
Washington DC, a West Coast march in San Francisco,
and protests around the world. 



In response to the horrific events of September 11,
the resulting declarations of war by the U.S.
government and its military allies including Canada,
the attack on civil liberties and the right to
dissent, and the ugly racist and xenophobic attacks on
innocent people of colour across North America, a
group of concerned Ottawa-area citizens formed the
Network to Oppose War and Racism/ Pacte contre
l’agression, l’intolérance et la xénophobie,

This network has three goals:
1)	to oppose terrorism in all its forms, the U.S. call
to war, and Canada's participation therein;
2)	to oppose racism and the racist backlash against
people of colour, including attacks on immigrant and
refugee rights;
3)	to oppose the erosion of civil liberties in the
name of national security.

Our network, which is made up of a diversity of
members from within the community, seeks to build a
broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals
within the Ottawa region to advance the above goals.

To contact NOWAR/PAIX for questions, complements and
complaints please send a message to:

If want to check the list posting then you can go to:

Although dormant for the summer, we have a website
which we will be using soon to keep you up to date on
NOWAR/PAIX issues, events and information.  Check it
out at http://www.nowar-paix.ca

If you would like to subscribe and post to NOWAR/PAIX
list serve/message board then send a message without
subject to majordomo@flora.org containing only the
plain text message: “subscribe nowar”
Our list serve is used regularly to post relevant
information, announce events and share relevant
articles on topics relevant to NOWAR/PAIX’s three
goals outlined above.

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