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[OPIRG-EVENTS] job: Agricultural Extension Worker (Nov15,2002)

** Agricultural Extension Worker
DEADLINE: Friday, November 15, 2002
from Saturday, March 15, 2003 until Saturday, April 30, 2005

This is a 2.25 year volunteer position.

The cooperant will help a government agency in extending sustainable agriculture techniques to small-scale farmers.

Farming is the major occupation of approximately 60% of the population and 4 decades of chemical-based market-oriented agriculture has led to increasing environmental, social and economic problems.

The cooperant will be working with farmers and/or farmers' organizations through a government office.

The cooperant's job will be to provide a fresh perspective on agricultural problems and suggest alternative solutions.

Requirements: Bachelors or Masters Degree in Agriculture.
1-3 years relevant experience.
Ability to drive a motorcycle is preferred.
The individual must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident eligible to work in Canada. 
The cooperant should bring as open a mind as possible to the placement.  
Benefits include a living allowance in local currency plus full health coverage.

Various locations in Thailand

Ages: 18+
Languages: Working language is Thai. Language training provided by CUSO
No pets or animals allowed.
No sign-language interpretation is provided.

* Jessica Smith
Phone: (403) 283-2871 ext.6
Phone: 1-888-434-2876
Fax: (403) 283-2275
E-mail: jessica.smith@cuso.ca

* CUSO Prairies
Website: <http://www.cuso.ca/>

(Job/Employment Opportunity; Food and Agriculture)

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