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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Meeting NOWAR/PAIX and Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee meeting on MONDAY

Monday there is a Network to Oppose war and Racism
meeting, (NOWAR/PAIX).  It will be 7pm, Monday Oct.
28th, at 123 Simmard Hall, at University of Ottawa.
(Directions below.)

This meeting will be joint with the Ottawa Iraq
Anti-War Action Committee for updates and
collaboration. In addition, groups that would like to
collaborate with either the November 3rd teach in or
November 17th rally are encouraged to come and tap in.

Many of you have and are in the process of being
approached for these events – the call for the Nov
17th action follow. This meeting will focus on updates
on NOWAR/PAIX  business and planning for the upcoming
teach-in with speakers Steve Staples and Richard
Sanders, nonviolent direct action training with Kai
Frithjof (TRANSCEND, PATRIR), and the great workshops
on prop and banner making, Iraq peace teams, Iraqi
Date selling, etc.

More Directions - Simmard Hall is on Wallard Street.
It is on a walkway that is just east of the transit
way when walking down Laurier Avenue into the Ottawa
University campus. When walking down Laurier, you turn
south, (right from transit way) onto the walkway and
Simmard is the first building after the stairs shortly
after you turn onto the walkway. It is wheelchair
Join the November 17th Cross-Canada Day of Action
Against War on Iraq!

Anti-War Rally: No War on the Iraqi People! NO War on
Sunday, 17 November, 2:00 pm
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

On 17 November last year, almost 20,000 people rallied
across Canada in
response to a call by the September 11th Peace
Coalition. In Ottawa, the anti-war rally was linked to
protests against the G-20 meetings; protests which,
for many, turned into a demonstration of the roll-back
of civil liberties in Canada. Since that day, the "war
on terror" has continued to take lives in Afghanistan,
spread to other countries like the Philippines and
Yemen, and manifested itself in anti-civil liberties
legislation and aggression against Muslims in Canada
and elsewhere.

The war is now looming over the Iraqi people, who are
crushed by over a decade of bombing and draconian
economic sanctions. A new attack on Iraq would be
devastating for the Iraqi people, destabilising for
the region and the world, completely contrary to
international law, and mean millions of dollars spent
on bombs and destruction instead of social goods.

Despite all of this, and despite the lack of support
from Canadians, our government has not ruled out
supporting this next step in the "war on terror".

In Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere,
Canadians will rally on 17 November to show their
opposition to a war on Iraq.

In Ottawa we are calling on all people who are
concerned about this war to come together to demand

All people concerned about Canadian support for this
war are invited to
gather on Parliament Hill to use creative, peaceful
means to reclaim our government and demand that they: 

-provide no support of any kind for military action
against the Iraqi
-make a clear statement of opposition to any escalated
war on the Iraqi
people, whether or not sanctioned by the UN; and
-end Canada's complicity in the ongoing, undeclared
war against the Iraqi

Groups and individuals are invited to use theatre,
puppets, music,
cheerleading, signs, banners, chants and rants - and
other creative means to help symbolically reclaim our
government from the various interests which have
captured it. Having reclaimed our government, some
groups are considering proceeding to the US Embassy to
deliver an ultimatum to allow "weapons inspectors",
duly mandated by the reclaimed, anti-imperial
government, into the US to inspect its weapons of mass
destruction. Participating groups are invited to a
coordinating meeting on 3 November (email
ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com for more details).

Please join us in the November 17th day of action
against the war! A lot is at stake!

 Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee
 tel 613 523 1077

In response to the horrific events of September 11,
the resulting declarations of war by the U.S.
government and its military allies including Canada,
the attack on civil liberties and the right to
dissent, and the ugly racist and xenophobic attacks on
innocent people of colour across North America, a
group of concerned Ottawa-area citizens formed the
Network to Oppose War and Racism/ Pacte contre
l’agression, l’intolérance et la xénophobie,

This network has three goals:
1)	to oppose terrorism in all its forms, the U.S. call
to war, and Canada's participation therein;
2)	to oppose racism and the racist backlash against
people of colour, including attacks on immigrant and
refugee rights;
3)	to oppose the erosion of civil liberties in the
name of national security.

Our network, which is made up of a diversity of
members from within the community, seeks to build a
broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals
within the Ottawa region to advance the above goals.

To contact NOWAR/PAIX for questions, complements and
complaints please send a message to:

If want to check the list posting then you can go to:

Although dormant for the summer, we have a website
which we will be using soon to keep you up to date on
NOWAR/PAIX issues, events and information.  Check it
out at http://www.nowar-paix.ca

If you would like to subscribe and post to NOWAR/PAIX
list serve/message board then send a message without
subject to majordomo@flora.org containing only the
plain text message: “subscribe nowar”
Our list serve is used regularly to post relevant
information, announce events and share relevant
articles on topics relevant to NOWAR/PAIX’s three
goals outlined above.

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