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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Nov. 17: Ottawa Rally against the war on Iraq


Please read the Ottawa call out for the Nov. 17 (rally against the war on 
Iraq) and
consider taking one or more of the following actions:

1. Endorsing this event (send response to ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com);
2. Participating on behalf of your organisation in the N17 coordinating
meeting (Sunday, 3 November, at 5 to 6 pm at 101 Azrieli Pavillion, Carleton
University (after the Teach-in, which we also hope you can join; directions
3. Mobilising through your networks to bring people to the anti-war protest
on 17 Nov. (by telephone or email; also, posters and handbills available at
Octopus bookstore, 116 Third Ave., or online via www.nowar-paix.ca/);
4. Ask other groups with whom you are connected to consider endorsing N17
and otherwise participating.

We definitely need your support; more importantly, the people of Iraq need
your support ...

Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee
Join the November 17th Cross-Canada Day of Action Against War on Iraq!

Anti-War Rally: No War on the Iraqi People! NO War on Iraq!
Sunday, 17 November, 2:00 pm
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

On 17 November last year, almost 20,000 people rallied across Canada in
response to a call by the September 11th Peace Coalition. In Ottawa, the
anti-war rally was linked to protests against the G-20 meetings; protests
which, for many, turned into a demonstration of the roll-back of civil
liberties in Canada. Since that day, the "war on terror" has continued to
take lives in Afghanistan, spread to other countries like the Philippines
and Yemen, and manifested itself in anti-civil liberties legislation and
aggression against Muslims in Canada and elsewhere.

The war is now looming over the Iraqi people, who are already crushed by
over a decade of bombing and draconian economic sanctions. A new attack on
Iraq would be devastating for the Iraqi people, destabilising for the region
and the world, completely contrary to international law, and mean millions
of dollars spent on bombs and destruction instead of social goods.

Despite all of this, and despite the lack of support from Canadians, our
government has not ruled out supporting this next step in the "war on

In Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere, Canadians will rally on 17
November to show their opposition to a war on Iraq.

In Ottawa we are calling on all people who are concerned about this war to
come together to demand "NO WAR ON THE IRAQI PEOPLE! NO WAR ON IRAQ!"

All people concerned about Canadian support for this war are invited to
gather on Parliament Hill to use creative, peaceful means to reclaim our
government and demand that they:

-provide no support of any kind for military action against the Iraqi
-make a clear statement of oppostion to any escalated war on the Iraqi
people, whether or not sanctioned by the UN; and
-end Canada's complicitiy in the ongoing, undeclared war against the Iraqi

Groups and individuals are invited to use theatre, puppets, music,
cheerleading, signs, banners, chants and rants - and other creative means to
help symbolically reclaim our government from the various interests which
have captured it. Having reclaimed our government, some groups are
considering proceeding to the US Embassy to deliver an ultimatum to allow
"weapons inspectors", duly mandated by the reclaimed, anti-imperial
government, into the US to inspect its weapons of mass destruction.

Participating groups are invited to a coordinating meeting on 3 November
(5-6 pm, 101 Azrieli Pavilion, Carleton University, directions below).

Please join us in the November 17th day of action against the war! A lot is
at stake!

The Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee is a group of concerned citizens
in the Ottawa area who came together to oppose the impending war on Iraq in
late September 2002 and respond to the cross-Canada day of action against
the war on Iraq. Active members come from many different backgrounds and
DIRECTIONS to the N17 organising meeting (and Teach In on the War on Iraq),
this Sunday: The Azrieli Pavilion is just east of the Dunton Arts Tower
which, being 22 stories tall, is the tallest building at Carleton
University. To get to the Azrieli Pavilion, turn off Bronson Ave into the
Carleton campus and take the first right. Then turn left at the first stop
sign. Pass one stop sign and turn right into a large parking lot.  Walk
west, through or around the Unicentre, to the Azrieli Pavilion. The Teach In
is in Room 101. If in doubt, ask a student!

Full programme of Teach-in on War on Iraq is available on request and will
soon be posted on www.nowar-paix.ca.

For more information, contact:

  Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee
  tel 613 523 1077

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