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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Youth Challenge International Info Session

Youth Challenge International is a non-profit, international, youth
organization.  Our mission is to foster youth and global development by
involving international teams of youth in locally-initiated community
development projects.  We are currently looking for volunteers aged
18-30 to
work in remote regions of Guyana, Costa Rica, Vanuatu, and Cuba.

If you could possibly sent out the following announcement to your
members it
would be greatly appeciated:

Interested in international work and travel?  Aged 18-30? Adventurous
motivated?  Join an international team and travel to remote regions of
Guyana, Costa Rica, Vanutau and Cuba for work on powerful,

Please join us for an information session on Monday, November 11th, 4 PM
PM at 301 Dunton Tower.  See a slide show by a recent participant and
stories from the field.

Everyone is welcome.  For more information, please call 416-504-3370.


Bronwyn Bath
Youth Program Assistant
Youth Challenge International
20 Maud Street, Suite 305
Toronto, ON     M5V 2M5

Phone:  416-504-3370  Extension 315
Fax:  416-504-3376
Internet:  www.yci.org

Registered Charity #:   11906 9078 RR0001
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