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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Change in directions to Iraq Teach-In, Nov.3

DIRECTIONS to the Teach In, Sunday Nov. 3, 2 p.m.:
    To get to the closest parking lot to Azrieli Pavilion, turn off
Bronson Ave into the Carleton campus and observe that the first right is
blocked off and proceed around University Ave. till you go under the
railway tracks and you are driving next to the Rideau River. At this
point turn right onto Campus Ave. and park in lot number 2.

The Azrieli Pavilion is just east of the Dunton Arts Tower which, being
22 stories tall, is the tallest building at Carleton University.
Walk west, through or around the Unicentre, to the Azrieli Pavilion. The
Teach In is in Room 101. There will be banners and posters to direct you
from the parking lot. If in doubt, ask a student!

OC Transpo Buses, #4, #7, #117, all stop near lot 2 and you will see
posters to direct you to the new Azrieli Pavillion.

Good Luck!!!
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