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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Fair trade coffee booth

  Hi my name is robyn and i'm a carleton student and a volunteer with Oxfam. 
  We will be setting up a  booth in baker's lounge on
  friday nov. 15th from 10am - 2pm to talk about fair trade coffee (and 
we'll have some available) and the crisis that the coffee industry is facing 
right now.  We thought that   there might be some people interested from 
wusc and opirg in dropping by this booth, or of becoming involved with this 
Everyone is welcome!

MUGGED.  Poverty in your coffee cup.

"Over production has pushed prices down to an all-time low and many farmers 
now earn less for their crop than it costs them to grow it.  While coffee 
farmers can not provide basic food, medicine and education for their 
families the world's big four coffee companies have done virtually nothing.  
Kraft, Nestle, Sara Lee and Procter and Gamble continue to rake in the 
profits.  Without action, 25 million farmers face ruin"

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