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[OPIRG-EVENTS] interview with peace team member just back from iraq

10 am (or so), 11 November
CBC radio interview with peace team member just back from Iraq

> > Christian Peacemaker Team Reservist Jane MacKay Wright, just back from
>>CPT's delegation to Iraq, will be interviewed on CBC Radio by Shelagh
>>on her new cross-Canada show "Sounds Like Canada." The show will be a live
broadcast >>on Monday Nov 11 after the 10 a.m. news. The show will be on
Remebrance Day and look >>at various Canadians' response to war. Jane's
interview will focus on her time in Basra, >>southern Iraq.
(If it is a call in show, don't forget to call in and express your absolute
opposition to any war on Iraq and the Iraqi people.)

In Iraq, CPT is working closely with the Iraq Peace Team,
www.iraqpeaceteam.org. More Canadians will be leaving for Iraq to work with
the Iraq Peace Team and show their solidarity with the Iraqi people on 16
November and 6 December. The Iraq Peace Teams are present in Iraq now, and
hope to act as a deterrent to the proposed invasion, as well as sending back
eyewitness accounts of what is happening on the ground. They intend to
maintain a presence in Iraq when and if the escalation of the war begins. To
contact Ottawa people interested in supporting the Iraq Peace Team,

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