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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Paving the Arboretum path

This is a message for people who are opposed to the NCC paving the 
Arboretum path.

The Central Experimental Farm Advisory Council will be meeting on 
Thursday. It might be useful for the Council to know at the meeting 
that there are others who oppose the paving. One way would be to 
contact the Secretary of the Council before then:

Dan Schmid
Manager, Property and Facilities
Agriculture and AgriFood Canada

In addition, it would be great if anyone were available to attend the 
meeting (and perhaps make a statement themselves - there is an 
opportunity for short statements from the public at the beginning of 
the meeting). The meeting is at 1:30 pm, Thursday November 14, in the 
K.W. Neatby Building.

Daily users of the Arboretum

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