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[OPIRG-EVENTS] WECAN- Housing Forum- November 27

Hi everyone - just wanted to let you know about he Housing Forum being
organized by the West End Community Action Network (WECAN) called "Who's
Doing What About Affordable Housing?".

The forum is being held on Wednesday, November 27

from 7-9 pm

at the Unitarian Church (30 Cleary Avenue, off Richmond Rd).

There will be a panel of 5 speakers from the city (Joyce Potter), the
province and the feds (CMHC), Sherrie Tingley from CERA, as well as someone
from the Multifaith Housing Initiative. Each person will speak really
briefly about what their level of government or group is doing to respond to
the housing crisis (Sherry will talk about how well these programs are
working) and then there will be lots of time for questions. It's also a good
opportunity to demand accountabilty from each level of government. This
event is also being sponsored by Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community
Services and the First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa.

We will happily provide bus tickets and there will be childcare on site -
but we would like people to call for childcare so we know how many to

It would be great if you could all spread the word and invite anyone you
think would be interested, especially people who are directly affected by
this issue.

Feel free to give me a call at 820-4922 Ext 428 if you need more information
or would like me to fax a version of the flyer to you.

Sue Merrill
Community Developer
Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community Services
on behalf of the West End Community Action Network

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