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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Friday is the last volunteer meeting for November 17th marches and rally

The last meeting is to grab all left over tasks,
organize the loose ends and so forth. ALL ARE WELCOME.

It will be Friday November 15th at 6pm at Cafe
Alternatife.  The cafe is in the sub-basement of the
Simard Hall Building at the University of Ottawa
campus. The building is on Wallard street. If you are
coming from the transit way, go down Laurier St.  and
there is a pedestrian walkway to your right,  Simard
Hall is on the pedestrian walkway.
It is wheel-chair accessible.

If you can't make it but would like to volunteer your
time, (e.x. coordinate a child area or help distribute
stuff at the rally),  - please email

Also - could those who will be attending who know
first aid please let Angela know at pinchero@yahoo.ca
-we would like to identify you and let you know where
the kits are.

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