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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Faith Nolan Benefit concert - Sunday afternoon at Bronson Centre

From:  Jennifer Lanzon, Elizabeth Fry Society, a
last minute notice about a concert this coming

"The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa proudly
presents Faith Nolan in 
a Benefit Concert, "In Celebration of Women", on
Sunday, November 
17, at 3 p.m.  After an exciting tour of the US,
Britain and 
Nigeria, Faith Nolan is back and ready to
entertain, enlighten, and 
educate us.  This benefit concert will raise
money for `Apartment 
301', our supportive, transitional residence for
women, including 
some women with children, who would otherwise
remain homeless or be 
housed in situations contrary to their needs for
rehabilitation and 

Faith Nolan was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and
her parents and 
extended family were coal miners in Cape Breton. 
Faith's songs deal 
with a range of issue including African Canadian
history and 
heritage, feminism, workers' issues and
children's rights.  Her 
lyrics voice a concern for the world of the
common people.  Her 
music is her political work, a politics firmly
rooted in her being 
working class, a woman, African Canadian, and
lesbian.  A composer 
and guitarist, whose style varies from blues and
folk to jazz, with 
a taste of funk and reggae, Faith is a seasoned
performer who has 
built a strong and faithful audience.  Faith
Nolan is one of those 
rare artists who can grab a song and make the
message ring out, true 
and clear.  Enhancing her musical abilities is
her educational 
background in theatre, opera, and writing.  Faith
has just released 
two new CDs, "Let It Shine", and "Faith Nolan
Live Blues 2002", 
merging traditional blues with Faith's own

The concert takes place in the newly renovated
Bronson Theatre, in 
the Bronson Centre (211 Bronson Ave.).  Tickets
are $20, and are 
available by calling 237-7427 and reserving by
phone.  Visa and 
MasterCard are welcome.  An appetizing assortment
of homemade 
goodies will be offered during intermission."

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