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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Anti-war/peace events this weekend and beyond

> anti-war/peace events this weekend and beyond ...
> (PLEASE take a few minutes to forward this to friends and contacts of
> who may be sympathetic but are not yet involved or on these activist
> lists ---- we keep finding that many, many people have not heard about
> promises to be a huge weekend across Canada, with antiwar rallies in at
> least 27 cities ...)
> Friday, 15 November, 6:00 pm
> Final planning meeting for 17 November rally against the war on Iraq
> Cafe Alernatif, Simard Hall (basement), Ottawa University
> (ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com)
> Saturday, 16 November
> Struggling and Working for Peace: People's Strategies and Methods for
> Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means and Direct Action - Empowering
> Individuals and Communities for Peace and Social Justice (Global Peace
> Coalition, mariana@el-sol.ca)
> -9:00 to 16:00: Workshop with Kai Jacoben Brand-Frithjof, at UCU 125
> (University Centre, Ottawa University)
> -18:00 to 20:00: Lecture with Kai Jacoben Brand-Frithjof, MPT 202
> Hall, Ottawa U)
> -20:00 to 21:00: Informational Fair UCU 125 (University Centre, Ottawa U)
> Sunday, 17 November
> -Raging Grannies March of Mourning and Vigil, begins 1:30 at War Memorial
> (almaleh@storm.ca)
> -Student March to Parliament Hill, begins 1:30 at Ottawa University
> (fcarv036@uottawa.ca)
> -Rally, begins 2:00 at Parliament Hill (ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com)
> (Raging Grannies, leaders of faith communities, Parliament is dissolved
> anti-war legislation enacted, Murray Thomson, Rania Masri, Neta Golan and
> George Rishmawi (Israeli and Palestinian co-founders of the International
> Solidarity Movement), Debbie Grisdale, Deborah Borque (National President,
> Canadian Union of Postal Workers - TBC), Grand Chief McBride (TBC), CAZO,
> theatre by Anxiety Performance, music, food by Food Not Bombs, fun space
> kids, more ...)
> -March to U.S. embassy begins (fcarv036@uottawa.ca) ...
> Wednesday, 20 November, 7:00 pm
> Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee meeting - next steps!
> Café Alternatif, Simard Building (sub-basement), Ottawa University
> ... 19 January 2003, next cross-Canada day of action ...
> ---------------------------------------
> Organisations endorsing the 17 November rally in Ottawa (as of 14
> National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
> Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
> OXFAM Canada
> Comite anti-ZLEA de l'Ouataouais - Outaouais Committee Against FTAA (CAZO)
> Global Democracy Ottawa
> Raging Grannies (Ottawa)
> Peace and Social Concerns Committee of the Ottawa Monthly Meeting
> Carleton University Middle East Discussion Group (MEDG)
> Solidarité Outaouais Palestine
> Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT)
> Peace and Disarmament working group of the First Unitarian Congregation
> OPIRG-Carleton
> Carleton University Green Party
> Rosa Luxemburg Club - Communist Party of Canada (Ottawa)
> Sierra Youth Coalition
> Canadian Arab Students' Association (CASA) of Carleton University
> Solidarity for Iraqi & Palestinian Children (Carleton University)
> Ottawa Monthly Meeting (Quakers)
> Green Party of Ontario
> Green Party of Canada
> Ottawa Muslim Women's Organisation
> OPIRG-Ottawa U.
> CUPE 4600
> New Politics Initiative - Ottawa Group
> Ottawa Committee of the World March of Women
> Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
> Social Affairs Office of CCCB (Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops)
> Church and Society Committee, Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of
> Canada
> ----------------------
>  "The US says it's all the fault of Baghdad? How simplistic! Surely after
> years, no thinking person believes that! None of us can continue to hide
> behind our fears and frustration with Baghdad. Have we all become victims
> US/UK propaganda of demonization that we can
> justify . punishing the innocent people of Iraq?" - Dennis Halliday
> UN Humanitarian Aid Coordinator for Iraq and Assistant Secretary-General)
> "President Bush's concern over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is a
> pretext for a global strategy of pre-emptive attack. He and his advisers
> intend to establish precedents with Iraq that can be used against other
> states that stand out against US global control." - Dan Plesch
> (former Director, BASIC)
> "If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the
> attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace." -
> Nelson Mandela, 11 Sept 2002
> "It would be difficult to imagine a single, more effective way of
> wreaking further devastation on an already devastated country - and
> creating a major humanitarian crisis with hundreds of thousands of
> innocent victims." - CAFOD (Development agency of the Catholic
> church in England and Wales) report, Aug 2002
> Two months of war on Iraq could easily cost the US 95 billion Canadian
> dollars (Reuters, Sept 2002) - Canada will also spend millions if it
> Money that could otherwise be used to ensure that all members of our
> societies have access to basic rights such as shelter, healthcare,
> and food.
> --------------------------
> Original Call out ...
> Join the November 17th Cross-Canada Day of Action Against War on Iraq!
> Anti-War Rally: No War on the Iraqi People! NO War on Iraq!
> Sunday, 17 November, 2:00 pm
> Parliament Hill, Ottawa
> On 17 November last year, almost 20,000 people rallied across Canada in
> response to a call by the September 11th Peace Coalition. In Ottawa, the
> anti-war rally was linked to protests against the G-20 meetings; protests
> which, for many, turned into a demonstration of the roll-back of civil
> liberties in Canada. Since that day, the "war on terror" has continued to
> take lives in Afghanistan, spread to other countries like the Philippines
> and Yemen, and manifested itself in anti-civil liberties legislation and
> aggression against Muslims in Canada and elsewhere.
> The war is now looming over the Iraqi people, who are already crushed by
> over a decade of bombing and draconian economic sanctions. A new attack on
> Iraq would be devastating for the Iraqi people, destabilising for the
> and the world, completely contrary to international law, and mean millions
> of dollars spent on bombs and destruction instead of social goods.
> Despite all of this, and despite the lack of support from Canadians, our
> government has not ruled out supporting this next step in the "war on
> terror".
> In Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and elsewhere, Canadians will rally on 17
> November to show their opposition to a war on Iraq.
> In Ottawa we are calling on all people who are concerned about this war to
> come together to demand "NO WAR ON THE IRAQI PEOPLE! NO WAR ON IRAQ!"
> All people concerned about Canadian support for this war are invited to
> gather on Parliament Hill to use creative, peaceful means to reclaim our
> government and demand that they:
> -provide no support of any kind for military action against the Iraqi
> people;
> -make a clear statement of oppostion to any escalated war on the Iraqi
> people, whether or not sanctioned by the UN; and
> -end Canada's complicitiy in the ongoing, undeclared war against the Iraqi
> people.
> Groups and individuals are invited to use theatre, puppets, music,
> cheerleading, signs, banners, chants and rants - and other creative means
> help symbolically reclaim our government from the various interests which
> have captured it. Having reclaimed our government, some groups will
> to the US Embassy to deliver an ultimatum to allow "weapons inspectors",
> duly mandated by the reclaimed, anti-imperial government, into the US to
> inspect its weapons of mass destruction.
> Please join us in the November 17th day of action against the war! A lot
> at stake!
> Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee
> ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com
> tel 613 523 1077
> updates and posters posted at www.nowar-paix.ca
> The Ottawa Iraq Anti-War Action Committee is a group of concerned citizens
> in the Ottawa area who came together to oppose the impending war on Iraq
> late September 2002. Active members come from many different backgrounds
> affiliations.

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