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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Iraq forum at Carleton on Monday!

Iraq Forum Agenda
Co-hosted by the Centre for Security and Defence Studies, Carleton
University and the Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee
Location: Fenn Lounge, Residence Commons Building, Carleton University,
Date: November 18, 2002
(To see a map of the Carleton Campus please go to

9:00 - 9:15 am Introduction
Welcome by Kathy Vandergrift, Canadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee,
and David Carment, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, Carleton

9:15 - 10:45 Session 1:
The weapons inspection regime for Iraq:
How should it work?
Will it work?

Ron Cleminson, Commissioner, United Nations Monitoring, Verification and
Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC)
Col.(rtd) Douglas Fraser, UNMOVIC Roster of Trained Personnel
Discussant: Walter Dorn, Associate Professor Royal Military College, UN
Representative of Science for Peace
Moderator: Debbie Grisdale, Executive Director, Physicians for Global

11:00 am -12:30 pm Session 2:
The United Nations Security Council Resolution on Iraqi compliance:
What does the Security Council Resolution authorize?
What are the international and domestic implications of what the Resolution
permits and does not permit?

Peggy Mason, Chair, Group of 78,  former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament
Fergus Watt: Executive Director, World Federalists of Canada
Moderator: Steve Mason, Executive Director, UN Association in Canada

12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch break

1:30 - 3:00 pm Session 3:
War and peace scenarios:
What are the likely consequences of successful implementation of an
inspections process and other initiatives to avert war?
What are the likely consequences of the failure of an inspections process
for Iraq, the region and Canada?

Raid Fahmi Paris-based editor in chief of Al Thakafa Al Jadida, (The New
John Sigler, political scientist
Rick McCutcheon, Field Representative to Iraq (2000-2001) for the
Mennonite Central Committee and American Friends Service Committee
Moderator: Rachad Antonius, sociologist, anthropologist and mathematician,
Université de Montréal and Champlain College.

There is NO COST to attend this event, however, REGISTRATION IN ADVANCE IS
REQUIRED.  RSVP by NOVEMBER 16TH.  Email your registration to: cpcc@web.ca
or  Fax during office hours: (613) 241 4648

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