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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Nov. 21st - support "pesticide free by 2003"

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Date: 2002.11.21 07:09
Subject: Tomorrow, Nov. 21st
From: "Wellman, Mari" <Marie.Wellman@ottawa.ca>
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Folks, Thursday November 21, the BIG day will soon be here, and we would
like to remind you on how the day will unfold.
The day will start with a demonstration organized by Sierra Club outside
City Hall, on the Laurier Avenue side at 10:00 AM. Please come out to show
your support. A big crowd makes a big statement.
Staff will present the Report on the Pesticide Reduction Strategy for
Private Property at 10:30 AM in the Council Chambers. The public
presentation is expected to start at 11:30 AM. There will be a break between
7:00 and 8:00 PM. The Councillors will debate and vote after the public
presentations are completed on that day.
Please wear your yellow "Pesticide Free by 2003" button. If you don't have
one, look for Julie, Dan or Mari, and if you have a twoonie we will give you
one. If you don't have a twoonie, we may still give you one. Please make
every effort to come out and show your support for a pesticide by-law.
Hope to see you there.

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