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[OPIRG-EVENTS] URGENT - Thurs.Nov.21, City Hall - Anti-Pesticide Rally

The City of Ottawa Staff Report, on a Pesticide Reduction Strategy for
Private Property, recommends not passing an anti-pesticide by-law at this
time. You may have read or heard about the Report in the media. 

->  10 - 10:30 am on Thursday morning - Sierra Club has called a rally
outside City Hall, Lisgar Ave. east of Elgin St.  The staff report has not
taken into consideration the wishes of the general public, of our HEALTH or
that of the ENVIRONMENT!  info - Andrea Peart, Sierra Club of Canada 241-4611

->  We urge you to contact your Councillors, the Mayor and the Media. Tell 
them a bylaw to prohibit the non-essential or cosmetic use of pesticides is 
needed now, not in 2006 as proposed by City Staff!

->  to speak (5 min.) at the Health, Recreation and Social Services (HRSS)
Committee meeting on Thursday, November 21:  Call Monique Beauregard at
580-2424, ext. 21622.

The Health, Recreation and Social Services committee meets at 10:30. After
the presentations Councillors will vote on the Report. It  goes to full
Council on December 18 for a vote.

 Despite the community consultations which showed the majority of people
support a pesticide by-law, the staff report  may as well have been written
by the pesticide industry! 

We cannot sit back now, we must act and speak up or we could lose! 

For the full Report:
Click on City Council, click on City Council & Committee Agenda and Minutes,
click on November 21 Health, Recreation and Social Services. Scroll down to
item 2 and  double click on item 2. The Report is 86 pages.

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