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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jan24-26 NDP leadership convention in Toronto

Join before Dec. 10 and help choose the leader - one member, one vote, 
by mail, web, or phone.  http://www.ndp.ca


NDP's National Convention - Introduction and Information - Toronto - January 24-26, 2003 

From the desk of Chris Watson, Federal Secretary  

Canada’s New Democratic Party will hold our Convention in Hall B at the 
National Trade Centre, Exhibition Place, 100 Princes’ Boulevard in 
Toronto from January 24 ¯ 26, 2003. Call to order is 9:00am sharp on 
Friday morning!  

Convention will be broadcast live on the Canadian Political Affairs 
Channel (CPAC), gavel to gavel (9:00am EST Friday, January 24 to 1:00pm 
EST Sunday, January 26).  

Be sure to check out the timelines at a glance enclosed for important 
deadlines information.  

All this information will also be posted on our web site www.ndp.ca. If 
you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Leslie Kerr at 613-236-
3613 or email lkerr@fed.ndp.ca.  

LEADERSHIP CAMPAIGN 2003 We’re in the midst of a dynamic leadership 
campaign ¯ with six candidates traveling the country seeking the 
support of our members. And for the first time ever ¯ all NDP members 
will get to vote to choose our next Leader. Remember, in order to be 
eligible to vote for Leader, members must be in good standing as of 
December 10, 2002.  

Enclosed is information on the voting options available. Share this 
with your membership!  

You’ll also find the schedule for Candidates’ Debates sponsored by the 
Federal Party. The first few will likely have taken place prior to this 
package arriving. But plan to have your members attend the one nearest 
you! The Candidates’ Forum at Convention will be held Friday evening at 
7:30pm EST and will be televised on your local CPAC station.  

RESOLUTIONS With a combined Leadership/Policy Convention there is far 
less time to debate resolutions. To maximize time for discussion on a 
series of comprehensive issues, composite resolutions will be prepared, 
where appropriate, from resolutions submitted. Please review the 
enclosed procedure before submitting your organization’s resolutions 
and use the form provided for each resolution.  

Resolutions must be received at Federal Office no later than November 
26, 2002.  


a) a federal constituency association or affiliated group or 
contributory organization entitled to representation; b) a central 
organization entitled to representation but itself not eligible for 
affiliation (contributory organizations); c) provincial and territorial 
parties; d) the New Democratic Youth of Canada, and provincial and 
territorial sections of the NDYC, or federally chartered youth 
chapters; e) the Council of the Federal Party; f) Councils of Federal 
Ridings (where qualified); g) the Participation of Women Committee; h) 
the Aboriginal Committee; i) the Participation of Visible Minorities 
Committee; j) the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Committee; k) other 
standing committees, as established by the Federal Council.  

CONVENTION FEES The fees for this Convention have been approved by the 
Federal Executive and are included in this package. Payment should 
accompany the credential forms when they are mailed. VISA and 
MasterCard are accepted.  
    Delegates $400 Alternates 150  
    Unwaged 115 (if before November 26) 125 (if after November 26)  
    Youth/student 80 (if before November 26) 90 (if after November 26)  
    Observers 100  

Early bird fees apply only to youth/student or unwaged delegates. These 
delegates must register with payment no later than November 26, 2002 to 

Observers who are NDP members may vote for Leader at Convention. The 
fee is $100 for the weekend. Observers are not permitted on the floor 
of convention, nor do they have speaking or voting rights.  

ACCOMMODATION A list of hotels and rates is attached. You must book 
before January 3, 2003 to be eligible for the convention rate. All room 
blocks will be released to the general public after this date.  

SHUTTLE SERVICE An NDP shuttle service will carry delegates at peak 
hours from the National Trade Centre to the Delta Chelsea, Strathcona, 
Marriott Courtyard and international hostel. The schedule will be 
posted at these locations.  

PARKING Parking is available at the National Trade Centre at Exhibition 
Place for $9 (above-ground) or $11 (underground) daily.  

SPECIAL NEEDS The National Trade Centre has been designed and 
constructed with accessible facilities. Delegates with special needs 
are asked to contact Federal Office so that appropriate arrangements 
can be made.  

CHILDCARE Childcare service will be provided free of charge to 
delegates. A form is enclosed for those delegates requiring childcare. 
The operating times are noted on the form. Please review and fill out 
carefully, particularly with respect to food allergies or special 
needs. Outings for older children may be arranged. Further information 
on this and other aspects of childcare will be provided to those 
delegates who have registered. Space cannot be guaranteed if the 
enclosed Childcare Form is not returned to Federal Office by November 
26, 2002.  

DISPLAY SPACE Display space is available for ridings and organizations 
at Convention. We invite you to display your product or information. 
Space will be granted on a first-come first-served basis. If your 
riding association or organization wishes to book space, please do so 
right away. The deadline for booking is November 26, 2002. A booking 
form is included in this package.  

EXPENSE CLAIMS Delegates can file for the Convention Expense Claim 
(with a donation for tax credit). At Convention, simply calculate 
travel, accommodation costs and daily expenses (with receipts), then 
write a cheque for that amount to the Party. Get a cheque right back 
from the Party for the same amount and a tax receipt at the end of the 
year. Those delegates claiming the unwaged (non-taxable income) 
delegate fee will not be eligible for the Convention Expense Claim. The 
form will be available at Convention.  

An Affirmative Action Travel Pool (direct partial reimbursement) is 
available for affirmative action delegates. This form will also be 
available at Convention.  

Delegates may apply for either the Convention Expense Claim or the 
Travel pool but not both.  

QUESTIONS? Give us a call. We are looking forward to an exciting and 
energetic convention and we want you to be a part of it. Please don’t 
hesitate to call Leslie Kerr at 613-236-3613 with any questions or send 
her an email at lkerr@fed.ndp.ca.  

Check out our website at www.ndp.ca for direct links to the Leadership 
Candidates’ websites and more information on the leadership race and 
voting procedures  

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