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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Meetings - Council of Canadians Ottawa Chapter

This is to announce our program of forthcoming meetings:
Please mark your calendar.

All meetings are held at the Jack Purcell Community
Centre, off Elgin St, from 8 to 10 pm.


The next two meetings will be devoted mainly to the topic
of what we can do to keep Health Care publicly funded
and publicly delivered.

It would appear from the Privatisation of Ontario Hydro
that we might expect the same sort of increases in the costs
of our Health Care system.

In spite of the demonstrations in Brampton and at the
ROH, it was announced in the Financial Post that the
Ontario government would be proceeding with the construction
of a Public Private Hospital in Brampton.

We need a groundswell of public protests.

Thurs Nov 21st

Briefing on the current situation and showing of the video
of the ROH demonstration.

'Say NO to P3 and the privatisation of our Health Care
system' (40 mins) followed by discussion

Thurs Dec 5th
Briefing and Discussion of the Romanow  Report


Meetings for the first quarter of 2003 have been set
for the second Thursday of every month:
Topics to be announced

     JAN the 9th
     FEB the 13th
     MAR the 13th

Please mark you calendar.

All are welcome. And we look forward to seeing you.

For more information:

Ronda Brook        567 0811
David Creighton    728 7442
Jeremy Wright      749 3379
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