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[OPIRG-EVENTS] radical knitters (please circulate)

Radical Knitters: Next meeting, Thursday, December 5th.  New knitters (and complete beginners) welcome!

On Thursday, November 7th, a group of about 10 women met at the Arrow and the Loon to knit and discuss possible "radical knitting actions." 

Unfortunately the list of email addresses collected at this time has been misplaced. Sorry for the rather lengthy group post, but I can think of no other way to reach as many of those who attended (or who would like to attend) as possible.

Off the top of this knitter's head, here are some of my recollections of the things discussed that evening:

-last spring's radical knitters' project was a huge success, with around 3000 squares received from knitters around the world. 
-the last of the squares is in the process of being sewn into blankets, to be donated to shelters (please excuse anything that I am leaving out here, as I was not involved in the last round).
-for our next project we discussed taking on smaller individual projects (for example, scarves, socks, hats, mittens, etc.). This way, each knitter can improve her/his skills, work on something that suits her abilities/inclinations and have a finished project by whatever date we agree on.
-it was suggested that we do something to draw attention to the national homelessness crisis. For example we could do some kind of media event ("lend" our projects to various mps before donating them to  shelters across Canada? make a huge pile of knitted objects on Parliament Hill as part of some public event?) to draw attention to the issue. Or we could do something else entirely. Something to talk about at the next meeting.

At the end of the last meeting, we decided that to meet monthly - on the first Thursday of every month. It was also suggested that we change the location. However, given that we did not fix a location for the next meeting, I propose the following:

Thursday, December 5, 7pm at the Arrow and the Loon (corner of Fifth and Bank). 

At the end of each meeting from now on, we will choose where the next meeting will be (somewhere with a reasonable amount of light, accessible by bus and where the staff won't mind if we sit for a long time without *necessarily* consuming large quantities of food or beer). Someone can take responsibility for each meeting (including giving the bar/restaurant/coffee house the heads up).

For more information, contact Laurie Kingston at kingstl@psac.com (and please circulate!)

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