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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Alfonso Bauer Paiz, Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM

From: "O'Brien, Gerald" <gobrien@edc.ca>
Subject: Alfonso Bauer Paiz, Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:42:36 -0500

Politics of Violence, Politics of Peace:
  A perspective on upcoming elections in Guatemala

Alfonso Bauer Paiz
will speak

Tuesday, December 3rd at 7 PM
St. Paul's University Amphitheatre
223 Main Street (side entrance)

Alfonso Bauer Paiz, a member of Guatemala's 'Generation of 44',
participated in the civic struggles to oust the military dictatorships of
the 1940s. He served in the democratic governments of the Guatemalan
'Spring' (1944-1954) before the CIA-sponsored coup d'état in 1954. He was
forced to leave Guatemala in 1954 and spent the next 26 years in exile,
first working as a journalist in Mexico and later, as an advisor to
governments in Chile, Cuba and Nicaragua. In 1988, he became Legal Advisor
to the Permanent Commissions of the Guatemalan Refugees in Mexico in
negotiations for their return home. He returned to Guatemala after the Peace
Accords were signed in 1996 to help rebuild the country. In 1999, after an
absence of 45 years, he was elected to the Guatemalan Congress, as a member
of the Alianza Nueva Nacion.

For more information, call 233-7903

Sponsored by the Guatemala Solidarity Committee of Ottawa (GUASCO)

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