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[OPIRG-EVENTS] e-Dialogue on Sustainable Communities: Dec. 2-3-4,

Join the Search for Sustainable Communities  

Ensuring safe water supplies, coping with crumbling infrastructure and 
overburdened transportation systems, diversifying from single resource 
economies - these are just some of the formidable challenges facing 
Canada's communities. From rapid urban growth to declining rural 
populations, from clean air to health care, communities across the 
country must deal with complex issues that require comprehensive 

Finding those solutions will be the focus of a live, e-dialogue forum 
on sustainable communities to be hosted by Royal Roads University Dec. 
2, 3 and 4. Participants will discuss innovations that will help 
communities reconcile their social, economic and ecological imperatives 
to create healthy, dynamic environments that are both ecologically and 
economically viable. The e-dialogue will feature an expert panel and an 
audience from across the country who will be able to post questions to 
the panel and exchange views on-line among themselves.  

Dates: Dec 2,3,4, 2002 Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm PST / 4:30 - 6:00 pm EST 
each day Where: register and access at <www.e- dialogues.ca>  

The dialogue will be moderated by Dr. Ann Dale, Professor, Science, 
Technology and Environment Division, Royal Roads University. Confirmed 
panelists include: 
*   Tony Boydell, Science, Technology and Environment Division, 
    Royal Roads University 
*   Lindsay Cole, Sierra Youth Club 
*   Louise Comeau, Sustainable Communities and Environmental 
    Policy, Federation of Canadian Municipalities 
*   Al Cormier, Centre for Sustainable Transportation 
*   Katsitsa Jacobs, Kahnawake Environment Office 
*   Nik Luka, Department of Geography, University of Toronto 
*   Michael Masson, British Columbia Building Corporation 
*   Alastair Moore, International Centre for Sustainable Cities 
*   Jiri Skopek, ECD Energy Alliance and Environment Canada 
*   Liette Vasseur, KC Irving Chair in Sustainble Development, 
    University of Moncton 
*   Chief Roy Whitney, National Aboriginal Economic Development 
*   Maureen Woodrow, Global Environmental Change and Human Security 
    Project, Carleton University  

Next week's forum is the third in a series of e- dialogues led by 
professor Dale in partnership with Public Policy Forum and the Policy 
Research Initiative. The forums are part of a SSHRC INE (Social 
Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Initiative on the New 
Economy) funded research project to test the Internet's potential to 
promote literacy, understanding and action on sustainable development 

You are welcome to observe or participate by registering at 

For more information contact:  
Isabel Cordua-von Specht e-Dialogues Project Manager Royal Roads 
University tel: 250.391-2600, ext. 4269 edialogues@royalroads.ca  

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