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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Free Skool Schedule

Free Skool

   Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA) will be putting on a free
school on December 7 and 8. We have a wide variety of workshops planned
ranging from the theoretical to the practical. We hope to see you there.

Saturday, Dec 7   10am-5pm
Room 101, Jack Purcell Community Centre, 320 Elgin Street

10am-12pm       Winter biking
Citizens for Safe Cycling (CfSC) invites you to extend your cycling
season! Our nationally certified CAN-BIKE instructors and veteran
all-weather cyclists will be on hand to show you how. This 2 hour
interactive workshop will cover:
* Weather and physiology
* Clothing
* The Bicycle
* Riding Techniques
* Question and answer period
Instructors: Juergen Weichert and Rodd Heino

12pm-1pm        LUNCH

1pm-2:30pm      Class Monopoly
This workshop will be exploring the effects of social stratification
(i.e. what class you are born into) onto how successful you are in life
using the game of Monopoly. In it, we will divide people into
upper-class, middle class, and working class, and depending on your
class position, you will receive a certain amount of income.
Presented by members of ACA

2:30pm-3:30pm   Autonomist Thought and Practice
May 1968 lasted ten years in Italy. Insurrection there began with
wildcat strikes, housing and university occupations and the squatting of
the airwaves by independent media. It ended with mass arrests, political
refugees fleeing the country, and two decades of right wing power. The
political theory behind the uprisings was that of autonomy, stressing
self-organization and direct action. 25 years later, through the social
centre movement, general strikes, and mass demonstrations, Italy is
again at the forefront of social struggle against the global work
machine. The theory of autonomy has raised its head once more. This
discussion-based workshop will explore what can we learn from this
combination of thought and practice offered by the Italian movement.

3:30-5:00pm     "No One Is Illegal": The case of Canada's non-status
Over 1000 non-status Algerians -- who have lived in Canada for an
average of four years -- are facing deportation from Canada in the
upcoming months as a result of abrupt changes to immigration policy. As
part of their struggle for regularization, the Action Committee of
Non-Status Algerians, based in Montreal, has undertaken an active "Stop
the Deportations" campaign that has forced the governments of Canada and
Quebec to react. One non-status family recently defied a deportation
order and took refuge for 11 days in a Montreal church. Come learn about
the situation facing non-status Algerians, and the potential links in
immigrant and refugee rights struggles across Canada.
Speakers include:
* Soumya Boussouf -- An active member of the Action Committee of
Non-Status Algerians, and the Algerian Non-Status Women's Committee.
Soumya is from Algiers, and has resided in Montreal for over three
* Mohamed Cherfi -- An active member of the Action Committee of
Non-Status Algerians in Montreal, Mohamed has lived in Canada for over
four years. He was a French teacher in Algiers before fleeing as a
* AND a member of the No One Is Illegal Campaign of Montreal, that has
been actively working with the Action Committee of Non-Status Algerians
as allies.

Sunday, Dec 8   10am-5pm
Bethel Field House, 166 Frank Street (in St. Luke’s Park)

10-11:30am   Street Tactics: Staying Safe and Knowing Your Opponent
As the contradictions, lies, and sheer pointlessness of the system of
authority surrounding us grow blatantly evident, more and more people
have chosen to take to the streets to express their disgust and firm
opposition to its policies and structures. With the cry of those
assembled echoing louder and louder, the campaigns of repression
orchestrated by those intent on preserving their 'law and order' and
lulling another generation into submission and apathy have intensified.
As Abbie Hoffman said, we must all become tacticians, and develop an
understanding of what faces us in order to keep ourselves safe, let
alone triumph. This workshop, subtitled "staying safe and knowing your
opponent", will deal with the basics of street demo safety, such as
basic prep for the day, cop strategies and tactics (and how to defend
against them), the good ol' legal process, and how to pull off various
actions and still keep your group intact. A combination of theory and
discussion, and featuring street medic training as well!

11:30am-12:30pm Copwatch
CopWatch is a group of Ottawa residents that have come together
to fight for our rights and the rights of our communities by directly
monitoring the police at street level. Possible topics will include:
* recent victories against cop harassment
* stories of crime and misconduct about Ottawa cops
* how we can fight back against cop violence
* the Safe Streets Act
* knowing your legal rights
* police powers
* the criminalization of poverty
* how to get involved with CopWatch
Presented by ACA Copwatch

12:30-1:00pm    LUNCH

1-2pm           Drag
Presented by Triangle Trash

2-4:00pm        Unionize Your Workplace
Learn how to organize your workplace and fight the bosses where it hurts
them the most: on the shop floor.  The Industrial Workers of the World
(IWW) are a militant, democratic, direct action-based union devoted to
the organization of all workers into One Big Union, structured by
industry rather than craft.  The Ottawa-Outaouais General Membership
Branch of the IWW is offering a workshop devoted to organizer training,
basic union tactics and strategies, and organizing your workplace.
Topics to be covered include: basic labour law as it applies to
organizing, building the union on the job, organizing campaigns from
beginning to end, democratic union practices, building working class
solidarity, and on-the-job direct action.

4:00-5:00       Consensus Decision Making
Consensus is based on a respect for all persons involved in the decision
being considered and that every voice is worth hearing and every concern
is  justified. During our brief discussion, we will discuss what is
consensus decision making and perhaps more importantly what is NOT
consensus, the advantages and disadvantages of using a consensus based
decision making process, and time permitting, run through a few examples
of how to use consensus decision making in small groups.  There will
also be a zine available that takes a more in-depth look at consensus
decision making.

lunch served * child friendly * wheelchair accessible
Traduction de l’anglais au français disponible

Anti-capitalist Community Action   www.a-c-a.net  info@a-c-a.net

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