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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Food not bombs will be serving at MCNABB community center for the winter 12:30 -2pm sundays


Food not Bombs will be serving inside at Mcnabb
Community center 180 Percy for the winter. It is too
freaking cold outside. 

Generally, we will be in the craft room but the room
may change from week to week.  

We will be there with food at around 12:30pm and be
gone by 2pm every sunday.  

Come by and tell those who need to know if you can. 
Bring your own container and utensils if you can and
bring tupper-ware to take some home as we always have

IF you want to bring food to share you can do that

IF you want to cook with us we are still cooking at
the ABYWYN COOP 299 Somerset ST west starting at 9am
and finishing up around 12:30 pm.

If you want a poster let me know and I can email it to



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