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Dear Friend of Animals,
Thousands of Ottawa birds are in great peril - unless
you come to City Hall this Monday December 9.
Monday morning, the City's Emergency and Protective
Services Committee will, in effect, vote on the
EXISTENCE of the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre.  The
Committee is considering to underfund the Bird Centre
so badly, the Centre will have to close down in 2003. 
Read the background on this vote at
As a consequence, the 4,000 broken, battered, abused,
smashed, crushed, run over and poisoned birds cared
for each year by the Bird Centre will be left to die
in agony on cold city streets.  
The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Center has announced that
it will cease operating next month
(www.ncf.ca/ocwc/PressRelease-Nov29.htm).  What a
nightmare for animals if we now lose the Bird Centre
and are left with NOTHING to care for wild animals in
If you attend the Commitee's meeting, we will show
City Hall that Ottawa residents demand compassionate
treatment for animals.  You and I must -- I repeat,
you and I MUST -- attend this meeting with our 
friends, to show that people -- voters! -- support the
Bird Centre:
WHEN: Monday December 9 at 9:30 AM
WHERE: Ottawa City Hall in the Andrew Haydon Hall
(Council Chambers, ground floor), 110 Laurier Ave.
West, 580-2424
Please, don't let Ottawa City Hall turn back the hands
of time, back to a Dark Ages of misery for all our
feathered friends.  Please, don't let them do this to
the birds.
Thank you for your love and compassion.
Respectfully Yours,
Kathy Nihei, Founder and Director, 
Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre.

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