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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Activist Video Screening - Friday Dec 13 - Programme

The Ottawa Video Activist Collective presents:

Video Active 4
An evening of short political videos from across the hemisphere.

Friday, Dec. 13th, 2002,
Doors open at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm
Discussion to Follow

Ottawa Public Library, Auditorium
120 Metcalfe St. @ Laurier



1. George Dubya in "Rumours" - The "President" shows off his 
intellectual capacity at a cartoon pep rally. (David-James 
Fernandes/Richard McGrath/Nrinder N.K. Nann, 3:03)

2. Activists Defeat Mike Harris! - On October 16, 2001, activists 
converge on Bay Street to disrupt business as usual and are rewarded 
with Premier Harris' longed-for resignation.
(TVAC, 10:29)

3. O16 - Another view of the Bay Street protests, cops and more cops 
with a punk rock soundtrack.   (Shannon Larratt, 2:11)

4. A Better World is Possible - Shows how the WTO impacts people's 
lives around the world, especially through the sell-off of our public 
services.  (Annahid Dashtgard/David Hermolin, 10:31)

5. La Lucha Sigue - Shot on Super 8, this film follows the Zapatista 
Caravan of Spring, 2001 as it heads to Mexico City.  Featuring the 
words of Subcomandante Marcos, Noam Chomsky and Nancy C. (Tony Neale, 

6. Dissent at the Fence - A montage of TVAC footage from the Summit of 
the Americas in Québec City in April, 2001, set to music by alternarock 
band Rift. (TVAC/Michelle Power, 5:15)

7. One Day Longer - Documents the momentous Mine Mill-CAW strike 
against Falconbridge Mines in Sudbury, Ontario. (Stuart Cryer, 8:29)

8. Rude Oil - Shows the environmental and social impact of the OCP 
consortium's oil pipeline in Ecuador, the involvement of Canadian 
company Encana, and what we can do to stop it. (Nadja Drost/Hermolin, 

9. Map of a Restless Northwest - As members of the Pacific North West 
Economic Region (PNWER) gather in Whistler, BC to erase some borders, 
police gather to erase some protesters.  (Flick Harrison, 6:10)

10. Tory Convention - Efforts to march, speak, or assert one's right 
to sleep indoors are challenged by the Ontario Conservatives' blue 
bedfellows and divisions in the movement.  (TVAC/Jonathan Culp, 1:35)

11. ¡Gustavo Benedetto Presente! - This video offers a glimpse of the 
repression of December 19 & 20, 2001 in Argentina through the story of 
one of its victims, returning to the day of Gustavo's death and 
examines what it means to his friends, family and country.  (Avi 
Lewis/Naomi Klein, 13:01)

12. The Greedy 8 - Here's what activists were doing while G8 "leaders" 
met within a military security zone in Kananaskis, Alberta in June, 
2002. (Hermolin/Alex Lisman, 16:55)

13. Freedom Through Trade - Images of Québec Police "protecting 
workers" as they repair the Wall of Shame, Sunday, April 22, 2001, 2:35 
a.m.  (Malcolm Rogge, 4:06)

14. Pope Squat - The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is 
squatting again, and this time they've got the city's number.  
Featuring the dubious wit and wisdom of Toronto City Councillor Chris 
Korwin-Kuczynski. (TVAC/Culp/Siue Moffat, 6:49)

15. Don't Attack Iraq - Toronto's contribution to a national day of 
action which brought out more than 35,000 people opposed to the 
sanctions and George Bush's war on Iraq.   (Hermolin, 6:12)

Total running time: 117 minutes



David-James Fernandes  djfern@rogers.com

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