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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Pesticide-free air

(the author of the message is not the organiser for the event)

Demonstration/Rally for Pesticide-Free Air

Monday, December 16, 12Noon
Ottawa City Hall, Meet on the Lisgar Street side

Come show support for a bylaw to eliminate the frivolous, non-essential
use of pesticides. Help represent the people who are severely affected
by pesticides, as well as the allergic and immune-suppressed, the
elderly, children and the unborn. Show that human health is more
important than chemically-treated lawns!

The Pesticide-Free Air Rally will take place outdoors. Please come
dressed for the cold.

The privatization of wealth forces everyone to find work which is often
useless. Instead, communities should decide what work needs to be done,
own in common the produced wealth, enjoy the benefits of shared and
automated work and reduce wasting of time, energy and resources.
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