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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder -- Antiwar Strategy Roundtable, December 17th Please circulate widely

Antiwar Strategy Roundtable

Tuesday, December 17th, 7:00 P.M. at the Public Service Alliance of Canada
(233 Gilmour Street - near corner of Gilmour and Metcalfe Streets)

The purpose of the round table is to have a small number of presenters
make brief remarks regarding:

	1 Current developments in the movement
	2 Potential strategic targets for action
	3 Coordination of activities

Following the presentations there will be a facilitated discussion of

There will not be posters or handbills produced for this event.  Outreach is
up to everybody.  Bring out supporters and activists to participate.

If possible, discuss the issues in your group or community before the
meeting and make sure that your ideas are represented.  Send in ideas for
what you would like discussed at http://www.topica.com/lists/cpi-org or
through email to ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com

The resource people tentatively confirmed for the evening are:
	1 Ritch Whyman (Toronto Committee Against Sanctions and War on Iraq)
		- speak on actions in Toronto and rest of Canada
		- suggested strategic targets
	2 Raymond Legault (Montreal's Collectif Échec ŕ la Guerre)
		- speak on organizing in Quebec
		- suggested strategic targets
	3 Steven Staples (Polaris Institute)
		- speak on possible corporate targets for action
	4 Debbie Grisdale (Physicians for Global Survival (Canada))
		- speak on international context
		- suggested strategic targets

Each will speak for 10 minutes, with 20 minutes of questions following.
Then the remainder of the evening will be devoted to a strategy discussion,
based on the following five questions and any others identified by the
		- general strategy (keep Canada out? opposition to US?)
		- targets (prime minister, corporations, US gov't?)
		- outreach/allies
		- tactics
- coordination/timeline

Sponsored by the Committee for Peace in Iraq (CPI)
For more information, contact ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com

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