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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jan. 18 callout; please distribute widely

Join the January 18th Cross-Canada Day of Action Against War on Iraq!

Build the Momentum for Peace.  Oppose the War on Iraq.
Saturday, 18 January, 2:00 pm
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

In spite of a growing peace movement, the pressure for an escalated war on
the Iraqi people continues to grow.  All people opposing this war are urged
to make their voices heard.  In Canada, our government has committed to send
troops to a U.N. sanctioned war in Iraq.  We must let them know this is not

We want peace by peaceful means!

January 18th has been called as a day of action against the war on Iraq in
Canada, the U.S., and U.K.  We call on all groups and individuals to join us
again to insist that we:
·provide no support of any kind for military action against the Iraqi
·make a clear statement of opposition to any escalated war on the Iraqi
people,      whether or not sanctioned by the UN; and
·end Canada's complicity in the ongoing, undeclared war against the Iraqi

Having reclaimed Parliament on N17, we will convene on Parliament Hill on
J18 to form a Peace Army mandated to stop the war.  Everyone is encouraged
to enlist in this time of international emergency.

We ask all individuals and groups who want peace to bring their signs and
banners, wear their diverse peace-army uniforms(“Diversiforms’), and carry
whatever tools they have in support of peace, such as balloons, drums,
puppets, messages of love and hope.  A Peace Marching Band will lead the

Along the march we would like to see street theatre, dancing, and music.  We
encourage you to find peaceful, creative ways to let our government know we
oppose their support of the war.

We will march past the American Embassy where we will all “die” for a few
moments in memory of all those who have lost their lives due to Sanctions
and bombing.

From there we will proceed to DND headquarters to witness and support a
peace swat team who will attempt to preemptively arrest those officials whom
we have credible evidence to believe will be involved in further acts of
terror against the people of Iraq, in violation of international law.

We must say NO to War!  YES to peace!  Keep the peace momentum growing!

Committee for Peace in Iraq (CPI)
Join the planning discussion at http://www.topica.com/lists/cpi-org
tel 613 523 1077

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