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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Peace Christmas Tree event, Monday, 23 Dec. Come or make decorations.

You are Invited to a Peace Christmas Tree Decoration Party at 24 Sussex

On Monday, 23 December, a special tree decorating party will be held outside
the home of Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  The Committee for Peace in Iraq
(CPI) will be decorating a Peace Tree at 7:30 (so that rush hour traffic can
enjoy our Tree), to remind the Prime Minister, and passers-by, that
Christmas is traditionally a season for peace, not preparing for war.
Everyone is invited to help decorate and/or to make decorations.

Whether or not you can come, please make special decorations for the Peace
Tree, under the theme of Peace in Iraq.  Please be creative and keep the
message clear: no war on the Iraqi people; no war on Iraq!
Please avoid sharp objects that could be construed as a security risk.  You
can place  your decorations in a box on the porch at 569 1/2 McLeod Street,
between Bercy and Bronson, 1 Block South of Gladstone.

Committee for Peace in Iraq (CPI)
Join the planning discussion at http://www.topica.com/lists/cpi-org
Or email ottawairaqaction@hotmail.com

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