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[OPIRG-EVENTS] March for Peace, Saturday, 21 Dec.

Saturday, 21 Dec., 12 Noon.  Meet at the corner of York and Sussex

This is the last NOWAR-PAIX march before Christmas.  Please come to help
spread a message for peace and against war, particularly the war in Iraq.

The "threat of war" grew louder this week when the U.S. accused Baghdad of
being in "material breach" of its UN obligations to fully disclose its
weapons arsenal. However, the attack on Iraq has already escalated.  (See

Come and help us show opposition to war.  The Iraqi people have suffered too
much already.

The Secret War
The US War Against Iraq is well under way

by John Pilger; The Mirror; December 20, 2002

THE American and British attack on Iraq has already begun. While the Blair
government continues to claim in Parliament that "no final decision has been
taken", Royal Air Force and US fighter bombers have secretly changed tactics
and escalated their "patrols" over Iraq to an all-out assault on both
military and civilian targets.

American and British bombing of Iraq has increased by 300 per cent. Between
March and November, according to Ministry of Defence replies to MPs, the RAF
dropped more than 124 tonnes of bombs.

From August to December, there were 62 attacks by American F-16 aircraft and
RAF Tornadoes - an average of one bombing raid every two days. These are
said to have been aimed at Iraqi "air defences", but many have fallen on
mostly populated areas, where civilian deaths are unavoidable.

Under the United Nations Charter and the conventions of war and
international law, the attacks amount to acts of piracy: no different, in
principle, from the German Luftwaffe's bombing in Spain in the 1930s as
precursor to its invasion of Europe.

The bombing is a "secret war" that has seldom been news. Since 1991, and
especially in the last four years, it has been unrelenting and is now deemed
the longest Anglo-American campaign of aerial bombardment since World War

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