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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Tues.Dec.24, noon, Parliament Hill - SANTA BARRED FROM USA

 Tues. Dec. 24,  Centennial Flame,
    Parliament Hill -  12 noon 
Bring red noses, musical instruments for the procession, reindeer antlers, and
pens and paper for writing to good American kids. 

Midwives and Mothers Watching Globally will hold a repeat of the very
successful SANTA BARRED FROM THE USA event -  last year's demo
challenged the increasing Canadian and American security paranoia which 
threatens free speech, freedom of dissent, and other important issues,
disguised as 'the war against terror(ism)'.

SANTA MAY NOT RISK THE U.S. BORDER THIS YEAR: American kids could miss out
on Santa Claus' presence as well as presents

OTTAWA - American children may not be graced with Santa Claus' presence or
presents this year.  As Santa may not have reassurances from Prime Minister
Jean Chretien or Bill Graham, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs,
about his safety in crossing the border, he will join with the children to 
write letters of regret to American children who have been good.

Santa wants to find out whether Canada's foreign affairs department has 
lifted the warning to Canadians about the risks of traveling to the US, and
whether the US has put in writing their pledge to Canada to stop
fingerprinting or photographing anyone born in Middle Eastern and other
Muslim countries.

Santa has good reason to be cautious.  He has a beard.  He gives out toys
and talks to people of all races indiscriminately around the world. Santa
may have spoken to children whose fathers might have friends who spoke to
brothers of neighbors who might have had pizza delivered to their home in
the last 8 years. He goes down people's chimneys in the middle of the night.

Just like Maher Arar, who is detained in jail in Syria, and on
whom no incriminating documentation has been presented, Santa could be
apprehended at the border, interrogated and deported for being "up to no
good," and "more naughty than nice."

The Midwives and Mothers Watching Globally group has been concerned because,
although they know that the children of Iraq are not expecting Santa and his
reindeer among the B52 bombers this year.

Contact: Betty-Anne Davis, Midwives and Mothers Watching Globally,
     Betty-Anne <midwife@istar.ca>  

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