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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Re: [NOWAR] RE: white arm bands etc.

army ?

uniformity ?

what happened to peace ?


Jo Wood wrote:
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> Janet Eaton has tracked us down from Nova Scotia after hearing Mariana
> interviewed by Jennifer Fry about the white arm bands.  She wants to
> organize this across Canada and really give it a push.  In particular, it
> would be great if our whole peace army on J18 would be wearing them.  Janet
> will be sending out more on easy ways to make the bands.  It would be great
> if we could get a group to make a whole batch.  We can put this on the
> agenda for J2 meeting.
> Jo
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> From: Janet M Eaton [mailto:jeaton@ca.inter.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 2:05 PM
> To: jo_wood@sympatico.ca
> Subject: white arm bands etc.
> Hi Jo
> Great to talk to you !
> Sounds like we could build some synergy around the white arm band
> idea across the country and for January 18th marches and rallies !!
> Great that you will be promoting in Ottawa and that we can benefit
> from mutual experience and ideas for moving forward.
> Will be in touch soon with ideas etc about white arm band campaign.
> As I noted I'll forward Ideas on
> [] Arm bands - size, where worn, suggestions for sewing and pinning
> and accessible materials, idea for sewing bees/ brigades to mass
> produce them for handing out to anyone in community interested.
> [] Alternatives- some wearing small white ribbon pinned on front
>     Some talking about  wearing buttons Some may prefer buttons that
> say NO War On Iraq. White flags in windows, Peace symbols drawn on
> white paper in windows.
> [] Uniformity in campaign slogan - NO WAR IN IRAQ -importance of
> stressing NO WAR message to government
> [] Need for a sheet of 'Reasons to Oppose war on Iraq"- I have one
> from Halifax Peace Coalition Webstite I'll  be forwarding as noted.
> [] I will also note what I've found out about who is doing what
> across the country vis a vis arm bands - as much as I've been able to
> track down and will supply contact e-mails and phone numbers to link
> up merging network.
> I just signed on to the CANESI list.
> all the best and
> seasons greetings,
> janet eaton

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