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[OPIRG-EVENTS] next antiwar meeting tomorrow and calendar of antiwar events in Ottawa

Reminder - next meeting of Committee for Peace in Iraq is:

Thursday, 2 January, 5:30 pm
20 James St., CUPE boardroom (use rear entrance)

As decided at the last meeting, main agenda item will be planning 18 January
peace march.

Here is a suggestion for the agenda (followed by a draft calendar of antiwar

1. 18 January march
- plans so far and new ideas (post-march music/food/planning space? linking
with Pakistan anti-war rally? driving over pictures? other?)
- checklist run-through (especially promotion!)
2. 18 January civil disobedience action
3. 14 February proposal
4.  CANESI proposal for MP week of action (20 to 24 January)
5. Iraq Peace Team plans
6. Emergency rally and proposal for civil disobedience from a Raging Granny
7. Next meeting and agenda

If time, also discuss:
-follow up from strategy meeting?
-meetings with the United Church, CUPW, CUPE, etc. to discuss greater
-school boards and local teachers' unions campaign
-local union campaign
-Ottawa and Hull city resolutions against the war


Calendar of events (tentative and incomplete - please add your dates!)
of upcoming antiwar activities in Ottawa

11 January
- banner-making for 18 January (Global Peace Coalition)
- Nonviolent training for CD action on 18 January (tentative)

18 January
-Peace March, begins 2:00 pm on Parliament Hill
-Preemptive arrests of DND officials, begins 3:00 (or so) on MacKenzie

20 to 24 January (proposed)
-week of lobbying/direct pressure on MPs

??, Emergency Rally and CD action (proposed) if invasion begins, begins 5:00
pm on Parliament Hill

26 January, send off for Montreal/Ottawa affinity group of Iraq Peace Team

30 January, departure of Montreal/Ottawa affinity group of Iraq Peace Team

30 Jan to 1 Feb, Ottawa students attending Canada-wide student antiwar
conference in Toronto

14 February, sit down for love (mass CD action), MacKenzie Bridge

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