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[OPIRG-EVENTS] March for Peace, Saturday, January 4, 12:00

There will be a NOWAR march on Saturday, January 4, meeting on the corner of
Sussex and York at 12:00.  We will say NO to George Bush's continued push
toward war in Iraq and provide information about the Jan. 18 march.


US will liberate Iraq, says Bush

US President George W Bush rallied US troops on Friday, telling them that a
war in Iraq would be "not to conquer but to liberate".

He urged Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to "end his defiance" of UN resolutions
and avoid US-led military action.

President Bush told cheering soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas - the largest US
Army base - that America was winning its war on terror around the world.

He said terrorists were "nothing but a bunch of cold blooded killers and
that's the way we are going to treat them".

"Terrorists will not be stopped by mercy or by conscience, but they will be
stopped," he said. "They will be stopped by the will and might of the United

He said America was confronting the threat of "outlaw regimes" that sought
weapons of mass destruction.

George W Bush - "Saddam Hussein was given a path to peace, thus far he has
chosen the path of defiance. He knows what he must do to avoid conflict.
Even now he could end his defiance - he has that choice to make.

"We prefer voluntary compliance from Iraq. Force is our last choice but if
force becomes necessary to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction... to
secure our country and to keep the peace, America will act deliberately,
America will act decisively, and America will prevail because we've got the
finest military in the world."

He added: "Should Saddam seal his fate by refusing to disarm, by ignoring
the opinion of the world, you will be fighting not to conquer anybody but to
liberate people."

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