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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Urgent Appeal (fwd)

Urgent Appeal for Solidarity

CUPE 4600 is under attack

Attend our Solidarity Rally on Thursday, January 9thญญ ญญ- 12:00 Noon at
102 Azrieli Theatre.


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

CUPE 4600, representing over 1100 Teaching and Research Assistants at
Carleton University, has reached the end of the line in their contract
negotiations with the University Administration.  The local has been in a
legal strike position since November 22, 2002 but continued to negotiate
in the hopes of reaching a settlement without a strike.  Our bargaining
team attempted on numerous occasions to reach a final settlement only to
be faced with an employer demanding concessions.

The outstanding issues include: tuition rebate assistance; class size;
wages and life of the collective agreement.  Unless the employer comes
back to the table prepared to give us a fair deal, we will have no choice
but to exercise our right to strike on January 15th.


Carleton's Administration has already made plans to hire scabs to do our
work and they are actively encouraging members to cross picket lines.  
Brothers and sisters, we need your help in sending a strong and loud
message to the administration at Carleton University that an attack on
CUPE 4600 is an attack on the labour movement in Ottawa.  This show of
solidarity was recently demonstrated in the successful campaign to
reinstate CUPE workers at Carlingwood Mall and this is the kind of
solidarity we need today to stand up to our employer.

Demonstrate your solidarity with our local by joining our Rally on
Thursday, January 9th at 12:00 Noon at 102 Azrieli Theatre (Carleton
University Campus).  Speakers at the rally include CUPE National President
Judy Darcy, CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan and representatives from CUPE
2424, the Ottawa and District Labour Council, Faculty and Students.
If you require further information or need directions please contact our Business Agent, Stuart Ryan at: 520-7482 / sryan@ccs.carleton.ca or VP External, Hassan Husseini at: 296-0621 / hhusseini@sympatico.ca.

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All

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