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[OPIRG-EVENTS] WANTED: Letters of Support for CUPE 4600

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

CUPE 4600 is in need of support from the labour movement and wider
community as its strike deadline is this wednesday Jan 15.

Below you will find information on current labour relations at
Carleton University and a brief outline of the state of negotiations
between CUPE 4600, Unit 1, and management.

Please support Carleton University Teaching and Research Assistants by
sending letters to the bosses demanding a fair settlement!

On behalf of CUPE 4600,
heidi rimke
Co-VP Internal

Following the successful Rally organized by the Carleton University
support staff local, CUPE 2424, the Employer finally took bargaining
seriously. The first development was a tentative settlement for the CUPE
4600 Sessional Lecturer Unit 2, reached on December 11 which was ratified
by 91% of the membership on January 8. The new agreement includes a
substantial salary increase over two years, a minimum tuition waiver for
doctoral student sessionals, a more just work evaluation procedure, and
better grievance language.

Next, the Employer reached a tentative settlement with the CUPE 2424
Negotiating Committee on December 12. The members of that unit voted
overwhelmingly on December 19 to ratify the agreement. The new agreement
is for 2 years, with salary increases of 2.5% in each year. The major
advancement is that those members in Level 8-12 will receive overtime pay
of 1.5 times the hourly rate. There is better language re grievances,
union time off to handle grievances, and a better job evaluation scheme.
The Employer's generosity ran out by the time it came to dealing with the
Teaching Assistants, Unit 1 of CUPE 4600. It has definitely adopted a
policy of divide and conquer.

At its last bargaining session December 12 with the TAs, the Employer
tabled the following proposals:

i) Salary
It has rolled into the base salary the $54 per term tuition increase
assistance from the previous collective agreement. Then it has made an
offer over 3 years of 3%, 2.5% and 2.5%. It said that the duration of the
contract is a key issue for the Employer.
ii) Tuition Rebate
It has offered to only those members of the bargaining unit with a regular
appointment, a rebate of the difference between a 2% tuition increase, and
any tuition increase above that amount. If tuition were to rise 3%, those
members with a regular appointment of 265 hours over 8 months would get a
rebate equivalent to 1% of the tuition increase; the rest would receive
nothing. Had this proposal been in effect for the 2000-2002 Collective
Agreement, no one would have received a cent.
iii) The Restoration of Post-Residency Fees
The Employer refused to entertain any proposals on this issue.
iv) Class Size Proposals
The Employer refuses to entertain any proposals on this issue.

The Union Negotiating Committee tabled a new offer on December 12:
i) Salary
4.5% Increase in each of 2 years for graduate teaching assistants
Dollar for Dollar increases for undergraduate TAs and student consultants
at CCS
ii) Tuition Index
A 100% rebate for any increase for all employees at their respective
tuition rates for any tuition increases in May 2003 and May 2004.
iii) Class Size triggers
Another TA and/or extra pay for classes above 25 students; 10 students for
labs (similar wording as per the collective agreement at York CUPE 3903).

The difference in these proposals, from previous proposals, for the Union
is the reduction in the salary from 5 to 4.5% per year, and the withdrawing
of the proposals on Cost of Living and coverage of Drug and Health Plans.
CONTRARY to the University's Negotiation Update
(www.carleton.ca/cu/updates/), the Union had requested, through the
Mediator from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, another set of negotiations
on January 6. The Employer has refused to meet with us on that

We have indicated that we are available as well from Monday, January 13 to
6:30 a.m. January 15 to reach a settlement prior to the calling of a
strike. These dates have now been set.

As of Jan 9 the bargaining team has dropped the post-residency fee demand in
a good faith bargaining move to get the bosses back to the table.

Last, and certainly not least, the employer began preparations to hire
scabs in November, and have written to every member telling them
they have the right to cross the picket line and go to work.

Letters demanding fair negotiations, "no-scabs!" demands, and support for
CUPE 4600 should be sent to the following individuals. Also, please cc
sryan@ccs.carleton.ca or hrimke@ccs.carleton.ca.

Richard Van Loon, President

Duncan Watt, Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

Stuart Adam
Vice-President (Academic)

Elizabeth Cameron
Director, Human Resources Carleton

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