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[OPIRG-EVENTS] NDP events a-coming

FINAL NDP LEADERSHIP DEBATE (before the convention)!
Tuesday, January 14, 7:00PM - Bell Theatre (in the Minto Building)  Carleton

The final NDP Leadership Candidates' Forum in the cross-country series 
sponsored by the Federal NDP will be held here in Ottawa. The ideas of our 
Party's leadership will here be in full display for the nation via 
simulcast on CPAC TV.  

Campus map:  http://www.carleton.ca/cu/campus/

This event has been co-sponsored by the Federal NDP, Carleton University 
Students Association, the Carleton University Graduate Students Society, 
the Riverside Residents Association and the Ottawa Centre NDP  

Wednesday, January 15, 7:00-9:00PM - The Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Ave.
 Concerned about the future of governmentally-managed childcare? Find out
where Canada's most prominent political Parties stand on this crucial issue.
Invitedpanellists: Shelley Martel (NDP), Brenda Elliott (PC), 
LeonaDombrowsky (Lib).
sponsoredby: The Child Care Action Network

Saturday, January 18, starting at 2:00PM - Parliament Hill
Build the Momentum for Peace. Oppose the war in Iraq by joining in this
cross-Canada Day of Action.  We'll be there with the Ottawa Centre NDP
Banner - Please join us!
for more information, please contact www.nowar-paix.ca

 Saturday, January 25, Noon until ??- Mayflower II, 201Queen St. New
Democrats from across the region will gather to celebrate the election of
the next leader of Canada's NDP. Join fellow NDP supporters as they view the
event live via satellite.


 Monday, February 10, 7:30PM (Registration begins at 7)
 In the Georgian room of the YM/YWCA, 180 Argyle st. (at O'Connor).

Howard Hampton, Leader of Ontario's NDP will be our special guest. New
Democrats and supporters from across Ottawa are invited to hear Howard speak
about how ours is the party of brighter ideas for a better future and what
an NDP government would mean for Ontario.

To vote at this meeting, you will need to be a member in good standing of
the Ontario New Democratic Party as of January 13, and a resident of the
electoral district of Ottawa Centre. Please bring proof of residency with
you (a lease or a bill will do) if your current address is not on your NDP
membership card.  Child care expenses are eligible for reimbursement, and we
have also secured a second room for parents to use if they wish to bring
their children.

 For more information about the Ottawa Centre NDP, visit

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