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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jan 17 5pm: Silent Surrender

You are invited to celebrate publication of the new 30th anniversary
edition of:
    Silent Surrender - The Multinational Corporation in Canada
    by Kari Levitt
5 to 7 pm Friday, January 17 at the National Press Club (2nd floor)
165 Sparks St. Ottawa.  In the presence of the author

Co-sponsored by the 
    Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the
    North-South Institute

Silent Surrender, New edition
The Multinational Corporation in Canada by Kari Levitt
    With a new preface by Mel Watkins
    A new edition of the classic text on political economy.
Released: 2002-11-01 224pp
"First published in 1970, Silent Surrender helped educate a generation
of students about Canadian political economy."


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