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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Jan 30 1pm & 4pm - Liberals hold hearings on school boards

Liberals Organize Public Hearings in Hamilton, Ottawa (Jan. 30th)and 
Toronto Boards

Office of Richard Patten - Jan. 15, 2003
Ontario Liberal Education Critic Gerard Kennedy today announced dates for 
public hearings on student needs in the Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton public 
school boards. The announcement follows a pledge by Liberal Leader Dalton 
McGuinty and his caucus colleagues in the wake of the Rozanski Report last 
month to hold hearings if the Eves government refused to fire the school 
board supervisors it appointed and restore funding that has been cut from 
area students.

Ontario Liberals invite members of the public to attest to how local 
education has been impacted by the reduction of funds
and appointment of these unaccountable supervisors. The Premier, Minister 
of Education and all MPPs representing Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto are 
invited to attend these hearings to take responsibility for what is 
happening in their local schools today.

Details regarding the hearings:

Ottawa: January 30, 2003
1pm-4pm & 6-8pm
Champlain Room, Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Ave. W.)
Contact: Richard Patten's Office (613) 722-6414 or 

For more information regarding any of the hearings please contact:
Gerard Kennedy, MPP (416) 325-2884


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