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[OPIRG-EVENTS] Reminder book launch next Wednesday January 22 at Octopus!!

Newsworkers Unite: Labor, Convergence and North
American Newspapers  by Catherine McKercher
" At a time of mega-mergers and multi-media
corporations, it is appropriate to turn to the
response of an organized work force about the
impact of these developments on individual
newsworkers and, ultimately, on the future of
journalism as a craft.  In  a field that rarely
sees historical accounts of news work or labour
unions, this book is a rare and particularly
worthwhile project that places journalism in the
context of labour history and political economy"
Please join us to hear Catherine talk about her
work and to celebrate its publication!!
Wednesday January 22/03  7 p.m.
Octopus Books 116 Third Avenue (at Bank & Third )
The store is accessible although the washrooms
are not.  
Wine and cheese and juice and soda water!!
Questions - please call Octopus 233-2589

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